Oklahoma Football: Is Mike Stoops Set to Return to Sooners?

Jacob Keyes@@bravesooner10Correspondent IIDecember 6, 2011

LOS ANGELES - DECEMBER 5: Head coach Mike Stoops of the Arizona Wildcats gestrures to an official during the game with the USC Trojans on December 5, 2009 at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California.   (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Since the minute Arizona announced the firing of Mike Stoops, Oklahoma fans have speculated that the Sooners former defensive coordinator would return Norman where he helped his brother, Bob Stoops, win a national championship in 2000. It appears the Sooner Nation just might get their wish.

Despite reports of Stoops being offered positions at Ohio State and Nebraska, which Stoops confirmed to be true, speculation of a Stoops reunion at Oklahoma has intensified today.

A report from Dean Blevins at News9.com has Oklahoma fans excited about the possibility that a Stoops return will actually happen.

Blevins reported on his blog that it is his "informed opinion" that Stoops will return.

The Oklahoma defense just hasn't been the same since Stoops left for the head coaching job in Arizona in 2003. Fans believe his exit is responsible for the Sooners failure to win a national championship since 2000.

It was clear that in recent seasons and especially this year that the team as a whole has lacked motivation and has not played with the edge that was so visible with Stoops running the defense.

Why wouldn't Stoops want to return to Oklahoma?

He has confirmed that he has spoken to Urban Meyer at Ohio State and would have interest in coaching at Nebraska with his good buddy Bo Pelini. But, how could he turn down his own family?

Sure, Ohio State is a great job and probably pays more than Oklahoma, but with the Sooners, Stoops would have the same title, pay would be close to what the Buckeyes would offer and it appears his family would prefer to live in Norman over Columbus.

Nebraska would give him a chance to coach with a close friend in Pelini, but blood is thicker than water and coaching the Blackshirts still isn't as good of a job as Oklahoma or Ohio State.

Stoops was a great fit at Oklahoma and was loved by the Sooners fanbase. He was also known at Oklahoma as a great motivator.

His recruiting ability would also be a great addition to the Sooners. In recent years, the talent on the defensive side of the ball just hasn't panned out as anticipated. Especially in the secondary.

Stoops would bring back an ability to motivate his players and could help create some excitement around the Oklahoma program that would give the Sooners a much needed boost in recruiting.

The Sooners are in need of a much needed shake-up and the addition of one of college football's best defensive minds would be a huge move.

The only way Stoops ends up at another school, like Ohio State, is if his brother doesn't want him at Oklahoma. And, the way things have gone for the Sooners recently, it would seem highly unlikely that would be the case.