New Dome Entrance Jams for 2009...The Top Five Entries

Danny CarberryContributor IDecember 26, 2008

As everyone anticipates the new season sans Greg Robinson as Head Coach of The Syracuse University Orange, I thought maybe we could also change some of the entrance music when the team promenades into the Big White Top.

If I had my choice, this would be my Top Five~

5~Loverboy-Loving Every Minute Of It

Why It Works

It's fucking Loverboy and everyone loves Loverboy. Woot Canada. Woot Spandex. Woot All things wristbands/headbands.

Why it doesn't work

It's Loverboy

4~Danger Danger-Naughty, Naughty

Why It Works

What's wrong with getting a little Dirty, Dirty, Naughty, Naughty at the Dome? This might get a few college ladies to flash and show some boobage to pep up the Good Ole Orange faithful. Imagine a Dome filled Air Guitar session with Upstate New York's finest celebrating a win over Buffalo? Are you ready to rock Syracuse? I have been all over the country and nobody rocks like Syracuse NY!

Why It Doesn't Work

Umm, first of all it is Danger Danger. This band didn't crack the Top Twenty with this song and they got booted off the 1987 Winger tour for sucking really bad.

3~Single Ladies-Beyonce

Why It Works

Beyonce knows how to get a crowd bumping. All the single ladies would rise up in the Dome and all the single, chubby, drunk men would be able to sport the prey and move in on the targets. It really is a Win Win for everyone.

Why It Doesn't Work

It really does work. Trust me.

2~Asia-Sole Survivor

Why It Works

I will figure out why this would work. I am not sure right now after listening to this a few times. It could potentially create an awkward situation in the Dome and it is not very "Hip" in today's youth culture. Asia was your smart cousin that went to MIT, favorite band. These guys got laid because of their skill sets and those funky bass lines and transitions because they are studio musicians.

Why It Doesn't Work

You know how I know you're gay? You like Asia (See the Movie: 40 Year Old Virgin)

1~Vanilla Ice-Ninja Rap

Why It Works

Ninjas always kick ass. If our team could come out onto the field with a Ninja mindset, nobody could stop the Orange wave of destruction.

Why It wouldn't work

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go. That's why