Yankee Fans Just Rooting For Laundry Now (In The Wrong Bulding)

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Yankee Fans Just Rooting For Laundry Now (In The Wrong Bulding)
I think the band Nerf Herder said it best in their song "Vanhalen" when they sang:

Is this what you wanted?  Sammy Hagar.  Sammy Hagar, is this what you wanted man?

So Yankee fans, congratulations.   Let's take a look at what you've achieved in your quest to dominate the 21st century. I'm sure it's what you had in mind when Torre played the infield in back in November of 2001.

You'll find yourself north of 161st street in a building that kind of looks like home, but kind of looks like New Comiskey in that "that ain't good" kind of way.   You can look south if you want to see the grass where the legends played—you've left them behind now, but you still have all the wonderful inconveniences of getting to "The Stadium" as you will insist on calling it, even though it isn't really.

You'll look out on the field and see all the great "Yankees."

There's Johnny Damon, the modern day Joe DiMaggio.  When I see Damon, I remember all his famous Yankees' World Series Championships and I can't imagine him playing somewhere else.

There's C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Tex—guys we've come to know and love as "true Yankees," as long as they win and bums if they don't.   Mike Mussina was a bum for seven years until he won 20 in an otherwise crappy year. Then he had the sense to get out while the getting was good.

Joe Girardi is in the dugout. He is the man who would replace Torre, and finish third.   He is the only Yankee manager in history to finish behind the (Devil) Rays.

Finally, we can't overlook the future Yankee Hall of Famer, the man destined to hit Cooperstown with the Babe and the Mick.   The future all time home run king, who will break the record in the new stadium on the wrong side of 161st.   Yep, Mister Yankee himself, the man who brought his winning ways to the Bronx, the man who has won two MVP's but still isn't loved—No. 13, Alex Rodriguez.

Is this what you wanted Yankee fans?   You may win, and you may have a new stadium, but back up to those Brosius and Jeter home runs in the Bronx back in 2001 and ask yourself if this is what you wanted?


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