My Letter to Basketball

Amanda RobertsonContributor IDecember 26, 2008

Dearest Basketball,

It's about time I acknowledge you in a letter, with all that you have given me.
Confidence, discipline, mental and physical strength, and respect.
You showed me that the brain truly does command the body,
If I want to do good, I will do good.

Don't think wanting it was enough though,
I had to have all the tools you taught me.
Timing, calculating, balance, and endurance.
Everything needed to become an elite athlete.

Football didn't fit me, I can't throw,

but I can shoot.

Hockey wasn't for me either, I can't defend a goal,
but I can defend the post.

Baseball wasn't my cup of tea, I can't swing and run,
but I can pick and roll.

Basketball—we just clicked.
The rhythmic sounds on a hardwood court,
the crowd that influences you,
the inner values you share to all open hearts.
I know you well.

That doesn't mean you don't throw out surprises, I'm well aware of the fact that you do.
Shots that are destined to go in bounce out.
Passes with a B-Line to a teammate get stolen.
No mistakes were made by you, basketball, I'm sure all this was intended.
You prepare me for the worst and teach me to be the best.
You only make me work harder.

Which is why you love me.
I'm a dedicated sponsor of you.
I give you my heart to wear and tear,
you've broken it so many times;
but like a magnet, you pull me back.

Promise me our embers won't die out.
For as long as you are there
I will always come back to what I know and love.
That's you Basketball.


-Amanda Robertson