5 New Orleans Saints Who Need Long-Term Extensions

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIDecember 8, 2011

5 New Orleans Saints Who Need Long-Term Extensions

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    The New Orleans Saints need to extend contracts for five players if they want to stay atop of the NFC South.

    It’s been a long journey, but the Saints are finally one of the NFL powerhouses and are as dangerous as any team the NFL has to offer in winning another Super Bowl.

    That’s wonderful, and it’s something that I could get used to each year. However, the Saints aren’t going to stay on top if they don’t re-sign certain players and lock them up for years to come.

    These are the players that the Saints’ organization needs to sign to multi-year contracts.

Drew Brees

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    I think anybody who has the slightest clue about football could have told you that they need to give Drew Brees a big payday.

    After all, this is the same guy that just became the first player in NFL history to throw for over 4,000 yards after playing in only 12 games.

    Not only do his numbers reflect it, but this guy is amazing and is one of the best players in the NFL. I know he’s been overshadowed by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, but he’s leading the league in passing with 4,031 yards, has 30 passing touchdowns with 11 interceptions and has completion percentage of 70 percent.

    Brees is the greatest player to ever put on a New Orleans Saints’ jersey, and it would be in the team’s best interest to keep him wearing that jersey for a very long time.

Robert Meachem

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    Robert Meachem is the Robin to Drew Brees’ Batman.

    What is Batman without Robin? Well, Christopher Nolan’s recent movies have proved that Batman is still one bad dude, but he’s nearly impossible to beat with Robin.

    The reason Meachem is Brees’ Robin is because of the deep threat he provides. Time and time again, the Saints will try to get that run game going just so they can catch those safeties napping.

    Once they do, Brees drops back to pass and after a vintage play-action play, he finds either Meachem or Devery Henderson down the field. The Saints need to keep that deep threat to stay on top of the mountain.

Roman Harper

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    I don’t know why, but everyone seems to think Roman Harper is in his mid 30’s. It could be the gray hair, but Harper is only 28 years old with more great years ahead of him.

    Greg Williams loves this guy and it’s not hard to see why. He uses him to blitz the quarterback in perfect moments during the game, and most of the time Harper gets the sack.

    Not only is he capable of disrupting the passing game by rushing the passer, but he’s effective in covering receivers and is a tackling machine.

    He has 77 tackles this season, two forced fumbles and 6.5 sacks. Harper deserves a big-time contract.

Carl Nicks

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    Carl Nicks is 26 years old, and he has already developed into one of the best guards in the league.

    He and Jahri Evans provide the Saints with one of the best guard tandems in the league, if not the best.

    Nicks is great at opening up holes for the running backs and providing Brees with time to throw the ball. If you want to keep your quarterback protected, re-sign this guy for a multi-year deal.

Pierre Thomas

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    You really have to give this guy a lot of credit for the year he’s having.

    If you look at the stats and the stats only, you won’t be overly impressed, but just watch him play. In a year that the Saints drafted Mark Ingram and was prepping him to be the featured back, Pierre Thomas took his game to another level.

    Thomas has been running through tacklers and running like a man possessed all season long. Not only has he proven to be a dynamic runner, but he's proven in the past that he's the best screen back in the league.

    The Saints need to keep Thomas and develop one of the league’s best two-man punch in the backfield.