Pavel Datsyuk and Five NHL Players Who Would Be Awesome 24/7 Stars

Jordan MatthewsAnalyst IIIDecember 6, 2011

Pavel Datsyuk and Five NHL Players Who Would Be Awesome 24/7 Stars

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    As we draw closer to the 2012 NHL Winter Classic, HBO will be airing its second official 24/7 series featuring the two teams participating in the Classic.

    The show provides an inside look into the locker rooms of both teams featured and gives an insider's view on what it's like in the life of an NHL player.

    This year's 24/7 will feature the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers, with Sean Avery, Chris Pronger and Rangers coach John Tortorella sure to provide non-stop entertainment for viewers.

    With characters like that, it'll be must see TV, so here's five other guys that would make 24/7 that much better.

Pavel Datsyuk

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    Anybody who says Pavel Datsyuk isn't entertaining is clearly not paying attention to interviews the man has had.

    Datsyuk, plain and simple, is hilarious. From his comments in the video above thanks management "For paying me," to his multiple quotes after games and practices, Datsyuk is 100 percent entertainment on and off the ice.

    And according to several reports, Datsyuk's chance to shine on 24/7 may come sooner rather than later, as an article that can be read here is dropping rumors about the likelihood of the Red Wings hosting one of the next Winter Classics.

    If you don't believe Datsyuk's funny, take a look at some quotes:

    "Who do you think will win the Art Ross trophy?

    And what's that?

    A prize for the most points in the league.

    Then it is obvious. Art Ross trophy will take someone who will score the most points."

    On Teammate Nicklas Lidstrom:

    "He is such a great player and a great person. You can always rely on him and take him with you on spying missions."

    On Conference Realignment:

    "I just hope we won't be realigned to the KHL."

    On Jiri Hudler:

    "We've got a team full of good players, and then there's Hudler." 

    Fact is, Datsyuk can't help but make a joke nearly every time he has an interview. When he retires, if he doesn't continue working in hockey in some form, he needs to become a comedian.

Paul Stastny and Matt Duchene

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    Something tells me based on this video that these two together would make for some hilarious television.

    The likelyhood of Colorado seeing a Winter Classic may be a long stretch, but these two on 24/7 would be nothing short of hilarious.

    And maybe they can take the 24/7 crew out for a night on the town.

Kevin Bieksa

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    Something about the Vancouver Canucks and the penalty box apparently. Usually it's the antics of the Vancouver Green Men that provide our penalty box entertainment.

    Apparently Bieksa wanted some of the spotlight for himself, however, as he sits completely still in the penalty box.

    This isn't the first time Kevin Bieksa has done something completely hilarious either, check out his tribute to LMFAO.

    If this guy isn't funny, nobody is.

Paul Bissonette

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    I don't need to explain this, read his Tweets:

    "Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Easy-E, Big Pun. "

    "Things I'm thankful for. 1-way contracts, yoga pants, the city of Las Vegas, press box hotdogs, twitter, DM'ing on twitter, and Tim Hortons."

    "Yo , saw you on TV @ the AMA's. What are the chances of a guy like you and a girl like me, ending up together? "

    "Had to drop myself in fantasy hockey today. Welcome back Sidney Crosby."

    "Did Demi Moore clear waivers?"

    "Just found out my sister got engaged and all I could think about are the potential bridesmaids. Congrats ?"

    That's just what he's Tweeted in the last month ...

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