Albert Pujols Marlins Rumors: 10 Reasons He Must Sign with the Miami Marlins

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIDecember 6, 2011

Albert Pujols Marlins Rumors: 10 Reasons He Must Sign with the Miami Marlins

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    The Albert Pujols to Miami Marlins rumors are starting to pick up steam with the Marlins offering the St. Louis Cardinals' slugger a 10-year deal. The Marlins recently signed New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, and the addition of Pujols would make them the team to beat. Pujols will definitely have a big choice to make this offseason, but a move to the Marlins would be his best move.

    With the Marlins' additions of Reyes and manager Ozzie Guillen, South Beach is turning into an attractive place to play as they look to do whatever they can to make themselves contenders in 2012. Pujols hasn't been clear on what direction he will be taking this offseason, but it appears that a bidding war may be coming soon.

    If Pujols is smart, the three-time MVP would be wise do whatever he could to land in Miami.


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    As we saw with the move of LeBron James to the Miami Heat, Florida is becoming an attractive place for athletes. Why is that?

    The state of Florida has no income tax. That means if Pujols takes the same offer in Florida compared to anywhere else, he is entitled to actually making that amount since he will not be taxed on his income.

    While $200 million is plenty of money, taxed or untaxed, it is unlikely that anyone would argue with the thought of being able to keep as much as they can.

    Pujols has made plenty over his career, but with his prime slowly ticking away, now would be the best time to sign where he can keep as much money in his pockets for his future and family.

Won't Hurt as Much as a Move to Chicago

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    Let's be honest. If Albert Pujols decided to go to the Chicago Cubs, there is no doubt that he would destroy any fans he had during his tenure with the St. Louis Cardinals.

    The Cubs and Cardinals are like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. It would be like Derek Jeter going to the Red Sox. It just isn't right, and it would tarnish his legacy as a Cardinal. 

    While a move to the Marlins still wouldn't sit well with the Cardinal faithful, it wouldn't be as damaging as a move to the Cubs. Many fans will still be hurt, and likely fed up with Pujols, but they wouldn't be able to hate him as much if he went to their rival team.

    The Marlins are not able to compete with the Cardinals for the NL Central. As long as Pujols isn't a road block for the Cardinals' route to the playoffs, they can't hate him as much as they could if he was.

He Could Use a Change of Scenery

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    Albert Pujols has been with the St. Louis Cardinals for 11 years. During his tenure, he won two World Series, but now may be the best time for a change. 

    Long-time head coach Tony La Russa retired this season, and the Cardinals could potentially be going under some changes if things don't pan-out with new manager Mike Matheny. Pujols has had a lot of success in St. Louis, especially in taking over following the fallout of Cardinal great Mark McGwire.

    A change of scenery could be good for Pujols, as he could expand his brand and play in a new city for the first time in his career.

    There is no doubt that Pujols will always call St. Louis home, but at this point in his career he needs to move on and play in a new city.

10 Years Is a Long Time

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    If Albert Pujols accepts his 10-year offer from the Miami Marlins, he will be 42 years old when his contract is up.

    Forty-two! Derek Jeter is only 37 years old. Think about that.

    Taking a 10-year deal like that guarantees Pujols a paycheck for likely past his prime, and he will still be raking in at least $20 million. No other team is going to match that, as we saw the Cardinals wouldn't even budge above $190 million before the season.

    Pujols would be a fool to not take an offer with this much money and guaranteed time on the table.

He Will No Longer Be Able To Carry a Team in a Few Years

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    As previously mentioned, Albert Pujols is getting older. While he is still arguably the best player in the game, he will need more than Matt Holiday and aging veterans for years to come.

    With the Miami Marlins, Pujols will already have Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez. All three players are superstars, and they will only improve their roster over the years.

    The Marlins are looking like spenders in their new era, and the fact that they are going after the two biggest free agents just proves that they are going to try and become the New York Yankees of the South.

They'd Be the Most Dangerous 1-2-3-4 Punch in the League

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    If I was a pitcher and I knew I had Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton and Albert Pujols coming up to bat, I would become pale in nauseousness. Three of those hitters can easily be the best hitter on any team, but putting all three with Stanton back-to-back-to-back-to-back is scary.

    All four (Reyes in terms of extra-base hits) of the men are power hitters, and trying to keep all four, or even two of four, off the base path would be an extremely difficult task. It would be even more daunting, as all four men would be in the lower part of the lineup and any team is going to have to face each of these men at least three times a game.

    While the Miami Marlins will still need to develop the rest of their roster, there is no doubt that they would be able to score with just these three men alone.

The NL East Will Be Easier To Win

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    There is no doubt that the Philadelphia Phillies are one hard team to beat. They have the best pitching rotation in not only the National League, but perhaps the entire MLB. If the Miami Marlins could improve their pitching staff over the next two seasons, they easily could compete for the NL East division title.

    The Phillies are a team to reckon with, but if you have Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez, well, that is just a completely different story compared to the NL East of the past.

    Teams like the Atlanta Braves will always be there hovering around the top three, but in reality the New York Mets are a team in a rebuilding process and the Washington Nationals still have much to prove.

    With a few more moves, this division could be much more open to being the Marlins'.

They Are Not Rebuilding, They Are Changing

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    While some may argue that the Miami Marlins are rebuilding, one would have to disagree and claim that they are changing the way of their franchise. 

    So far this offseason, they have targeted some of the biggest free agents in Jose Reyes, Albert Pujols and Mark Buehrle. While some at first thought they would just sign one, apparently it seems that they are open to signing them all to whatever it may cost.

    The Marlins have won World Series with basically nothing, but with their move to Miami, they want to be bigger. It isn't going to take long for this team turn things around. They have proven it in the past with their farm system, and now they are going to pair that with superstar free agents.

Much Better-Suited Market

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    While Albert Pujols has become a household name, St. Louis isn't exactly the biggest market for the Dominican Republic. Florida though, well, that is a much bigger market for the big slugger from the DR.

    If Pujols moved to Florida, he would be able to expand his brand into a much more familiar cultural setting that is relatable to him. The Miami Marlins present a much larger appeal to his culture, and reasons like that tend to fly under the radar.

    The Marlins have already signed one Dominican superstar in Jose Reyes, and they will be looking to do so once again with Pujols. This situation favors both the Marlins and Pujols, as both will be able to increase their fanbases based on their nationality.

Become the Face of a New Franchise

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    Albert Pujols is already the face of the St. Louis Cardinals, and arguably is the face of the MLB. With a move to the Miami Marlins, he could become the face of an entirely new franchise.

    Sure, the Marlins are just changing their name while staying in the same city, but there really isn't many standing in Pujols' way of becoming the face of this franchise for years after he retires.

    The Marlins have only been around since 1993, so they don't exactly have the richest history. With his nationality and his impact on the game, Pujols will become the sole face of this franchise.

    Sure, Jose Reyes will be an important piece too, but there is no doubt that he will be Pujols' Robin to his Batman.

    With an entire new image for the Marlins franchise, Pujols could become what the Marlins will represent for a long time.