Orlando Magic.. Beginning to Look Magical

Jeremy McNishCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

How about youuuurrr Orrrrrrrlaaaaaannnnndoooooo Magic, Magic Magic?

The Magic are riding the wave of two big wins, including who most all think is the best team in the West: The L.A. Lakers (in case of any misdecretion). They are all looking very good, including big play from one of the most important positions on the court, point guard. Not to mention, the person who needed to step up the most and produce to help with the load, and is now doing it (Jameer Nelson).

He has not only stepped up to the plate, but is producing beyond all conceivability. That has, as a whole, made the Magic a force, not only in the Eastern Conference anymore, but in the entire league. Now, the Magic dont have to depend on Dwight to be a monster every night, and live and die by Superman...even Superman has a Kryptonite.

The Magic are also getting good play from rookie Lee, who is producing good numbers when need be. In addition, the acquisition of Mickael Pietrus has been a defensive weapon with an offensive tendency..

The Magic are clicking on all cylinders right now, with little weakness throughout the team, including good play from the bench. This surge of power has now threatened the powers that be at the moment in Cleveland and Boston. You are guaranteed to see the Magic dominate the division and grab a great seed going into the playoffs. And with the team playing the caliber of ball they are playing now, the Magic could very well be the Beast of the East.

Granted, when playoff time rolls around, the Magic will surely run into Cleveland and/or Boston, but I trump Magic over the LeBroners any day of the week. Shut down one player and the Magic are on there way, with experience, hunger, and chemistry on there side.

The Magic will be a tough team to beat come postseason. Even running into the Celtics, the Magic's five on five will hold there own again with experience, hunger, and chemistry. The Magic will be very tough to beat. So, a Boston vs. Orlando matchup will be a great future event...oh and Cleveland you also can get a taste of the Magic spirit.

To summarize the season as of yet, the Magic are hot and getting hotter...maybe it's the time of season or maybe its the fans, or maybe, just maybe...it's the Magic.