Does Signing Mark Teixeira Make New York Yankees the Team to Beat?

Joey CinquegranaContributor IDecember 26, 2008

The New York Yankees have signed nearly every major free agent they could this offseason.  First they signed the best free agent pitcher that was available in CC Sabathia. Next they signed a Yankee killer, and former Toronto Blue Jay, A.J. Burnett.

Now, they have signed the best hitter available this offseason, his name is Mark Teixeira.  As a Yankee fan the best part of this is the Yankees basically stole this player from the Boston Red Sox.

I don't want to be too much of a fan, but it's amazing how Red Sox fans now are saying that their first-base prospect will end up better then Teixeira.  Well, Boston fans, apparently your front office didn't think so, especially since they were ready to throw $170 million at Teixeira as well.

Apparently before this deal was made, there was a rumor that the Yankees could go after former Boston Red Sox, and probably the biggest Yankee killer of all, Manny Ramirez.

Mark Teixeira was signed to an eight year, $180-million deal, and the Yankees have nearly spent about half a billion dollars this offseason.  This has almost every opposing teams owner, like the Milwaukee Brewers crying for salary cap.

Teixera's former teammate, Torii Hunter apparently thinks money doesn't even matter to them.  If they want to win the Yankees will do whatever they can to put the best team out there to win.

Mark Teixeira is a great player, but he isn't Albert Pujols, and that is a big reason why I don't think he'll ever live up to that contract.

Sure, he's going to be probably better then Tino Martinez was for the Yankees, and probably the best first baseman the Yankees have had since Don Mattingly.

He's going to be turning 29 early next season, and he's about seven years younger then Manny Ramirez.  This is the person the Yankees needed to have the most this offseason.

Since Tino Martinez has retired, the Yankees have had Jason Giambi play some time at first base.  He obviously didn't live up to his contract, and steroids probably have a lot to do with that.

Since signing all these players, the Yankees expectations have to be through the roof. They'll also have Chien-Ming Wang, and Jorge Posada back as well.

This should cause the Yankees to be back next season, and have a team that will make the playoffs next year.

I think they match up pretty well against the Red Sox, and Rays now.

Yankees vs. Red Sox vs. Rays

Pitching (best pitcher in Bold)

Sabathia vs. Beckett vs. Kazmir

Wang vs. Matsuzaka vs. Shields

Burnett vs. Lester vs. Garza

Chamberlain vs. Wakefield vs. Price

Hitting (best hitter in Bold)

C Posada vs. TBD vs. Navarro

1B Teixeira vs. Youkilis vs. Pena

2B Cano vs. Pedroia vs. Iwamura

SS Jeter vs. Lowrie vs. Bartlett

3B Rodriguez vs. Lowell vs. Longoria

LF Damon vs. Bay vs. Crawford

CF Gardner/Melky vs. Ellsbury vs. Upton

RF Nady vs. Drew vs. Joyce

DH Matsui vs. Ortiz vs. Gomes

Also, I had a thought. Should the Yankees stop here?

If they could go after Manny, that would ultimately make the Yankees the team to beat next season, and would most likely put Red Sox fans in their death bed.

Signing Manny Ramirez could come with some consequences though.

Last season he was faking an injury, decided not to play in a big series against the Yankees, punched a teammate, and eventually got himself traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He also has won everywhere he's been.

Do you want to see Manny Ramirez in pinstripes next season?  If the Yankees were to sign him, they would probably be forced to trade either Nick Swisher, Xavier Nady, or Hideki Matsui.