Who Is The Best Driver On The Grid ?

Mustafa SariContributor IDecember 26, 2008

Every Formula 1 fan has a hero. Examples like Ayrton Senna, Micheal Schumacher, Alain Prost or Fernando Alonso. In March, the new season will start and we will see the challenge between high level drivers.

But here is the question, "Who Is The Best Driver On The Grid?" Ferrari have two strong drivers as does BMW, Renault, McLaren, Toyota, and Red Bull's Driver couples are enough to get points in every race.

2008 season was Hamilton's and Massa's year. Other drivers only watched them, while Felipe and Lewis ruled the circuits. In 2009, maybe we won't watch the same type of script in F1.

Also rule changes and slick tyres return to F1. I think 2009 season will be more entertaining than this year's competition as Hamilton got his WDC after only his second season but he made a lot of mistakes this year. If he did not commit those mistakes, Hamilton would have been a champion before Brazil.

For Felipe Massa, he developed himself more than everyone on the grid and he proved what he has in him but this year, Ferrari had reliability problems in Hungary, Valencia, and Melbourne. The car development and drivers feedback should be better worked.

Also Kimi Raikkonen, he is the fastest guy on the grid and If he likes the car, he got everything for winning, but Kimi is still new to Ferrari and Ferrari is still changing. The new race engineer is a proof to that. Kimi must find his old form then anything can happen.

Fernando Alonso and Robert Kubica showed more than potential, I guess. Alonso won two GP's and Robert won one GP. Also Robert was the most consistent driver on the grid. His only mistake was at Britain. Fernando had bad first half but his return to form and he got more points than anyone in the second half of the season.

And other especially Vettel and Heikki,two GP2 champions and other veterans. I will not estimate any of them. In 2006, Rosberg got his first fastest lap and debut point in  Bahrain. Heikki passed Loeb and Schumi in ROC 2004, maybe not in F1, but this shows that he has the talent and If he is not struggling, results won't be the same.

Sebastian won Monza with Toro Rosso and outpaced Bourdais, but in the first half of the season, he made a lot of accidents and was outpaced by French Seb in STR2B but, in the second half he got the things working, and he made a step forward.

The other drivers like Trulli, Glock or Webber. They have the consistency but they need a better car to race to win, not for fighting in midfield.

I think Hamilton, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Alonso, Kubica, and Vettel have pure speed but for me Kubica did really good work after coming in F1 in 2006. We know how Alonso, Raikkonen work but Massa raised his game and a new boy came and changed F1.

In conclusion, Massa and Kubica, Vettel also Alonso get strong results and become more than a contender this year. They made a really huge impact in races. Kimi Raikkonen is still the fastest man but he didn't do what he wanted.

I think Kimi Raikkonen is the best driver for me followed by Alonso but new rivals come and some drivers developed themselves. So for me in 2008, Kubica showed the skills of a champion driver on the grid. If he had the speed of MP4-23 in his F1-08, he would have been the champ but this is F1.

Felipe Massa was a different story, nobody thought that he fought for the championship but he did very good job after struggling for three races.  After his championship fight he should be the best driver on the grid because he did what nobody expected.

Others did mistakes and some struggled so, we have to see as to who will be the best driver on the grid after the 2009 season.