NHL Trade Deadline Deals That The New York Rangers Could Make

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2008

The Rangers have   of wholes that need to be filled before the trade deadline. In my opinion the first thing on their wish list should be Jay Bouwmeester. Its sad that the three guys on their back line who are being paid the most, Kalinen, Redden, and Rozsival, are their three weakest and most unreliable defenseman.

One of them needs to go for the Rangers to have a chance.

I’m not sure why Bobby Sanguinetti or Corey Potter aren’t being given a chance over Redden and Kalinen at this point. Kalinen has done NOTHING for the team and is one of those guys who next year will end up playing in Europe because he cant get an NHL job. Maybe a nice fix to the defensive problems would be to sit him or Redden in the press box for a game or two and let Sanguinetti or Kalinen have a shot at it.

Of course the Rangers also need a scoring winger and the obvious candidates are Marian Gaborik and Ilya Kovalchuk. Of course before the deadline I want the Rangers to sign Shanahan to play with Dubinsky, but I’ll have a seperate post for that. I think the Rangers would love to take a shot at Kovalchuk.

He’s the pure scoring winger the Rangers dont have and desperately need. The price tag for him I think would be too large since he still has a year on his contract. To this point, Atlanta’s GM hasn’t made him available, but I would expect he would at least field some offers.

The price tag for Gaborik I expect would be lower, the two sides seem like they can’t wait for this divorce to happen. He’s notoriously injury prone and has missed a large chunk of the season already with that mysterious groin injury. Maybe the Rangers can swap Rozsival and Dawes along with a draft pick for him? I would like that trade, Minnesota probably wouldn’t but who asked them.

Regardless of who becomes available and who the Rangers want to trade for, they need to make some cap clearing moves sooner rather than later. A trade that would have sent Rozsival to Dallas fell through shortly before Sundin took the money and headed out west.

I don’t think that Rozsival will be a Ranger after the deadline. He doesnt have a NTC and he’s the player with the largest contract that the Rangers would be able to generate interest in. If the Rangers aren’t going to play Petr Prucha, he needs to be given a shot somewhere else. Hes played three times in the last 20 games. And what for?

Renney cannot sit there and tell me that Freddy Sjostrom is a more viable option to play with Dubinsky. But that’s for another time.

Just for the record, these trades are all speculation based on my own knowledge of what I think the Rangers need and what will probably be available..