College Football Recruiting: Which Program Will Keith Marshall Select Tuesday?

Dr. SEC@thedrsecAnalyst IIDecember 5, 2011

Tomorrow at 2:45 p.m. ET 5-star running back Keith Marshall will decide between Georgia, Clemson, Florida, Notre Dame and South Carolina. Regardless of what school Marshall chooses, he will have an impact at as a true freshman.

Most believe that at this point it is a two-horse race between Georgia and Clemson.

I have been breaking down high school players for the last seven years and I can say without hesitation that Marshall has one of the highest ceilings of any running back I have ever scouted.

Keith Marshall is a "can't-miss" superstar. The 5'11", 190-pound running back is known for his 40 time of 4.32; he once was clocked at 4.25 at a University of North Carolina football camp.

However, his 40 times only tell a small portion of his story. Marshall sees the hole before the hole is even created. As a result, he is in full stride before the defense ever sees him. Once he is through the hole, he becomes a human video game.

Marshall is able to plant and cut without ever gearing down, and once there is daylight he will not be caught until he stops in the end zone. He has a gear that 99.9 percent of college football players do not have.

Many people see his size and believe he is a finesse-only player. However, for a back his size he is not afraid of contact. He will never be mistaken for Jerome Bettis, but Marshall runs low to the ground and runs behind his pads with good lean. He also has great hands and quick feet.

There really is very little weakness to his game. He needs to bulk up, but he can play at his current weight.

Marshall would be a very good every-down back, but he will be a great running back when splitting carries. He has the ability to have 100-plus-yard games with fewer than 20 carries.

Marshall is a player who can push a good team to a great team. Throw out all of the other names you have heard, as there are only two that matter: Georgia and Clemson.

Marshall grew up a Bulldog fan and admires coach Mark Richt greatly. Had Richt not have been on the hot seat early on Marshall would have already committed to the Bulldogs. However, the talk of Richt potentially being fired led to Marshall taking a step back.

Although Richt has quieted the hot seat talk, during the time his job was in question Clemson closed in fast. Marshall has bonded with Clemson's star freshman Sammy Watkins and has raved about Clemson and his visit to Death Valley.

Both UGA and Clemson have had to suspend important running backs in their program and their potential departure could mean even more playing time for Marshall.

Marshall is the type of coach every player dreams of. He has a 4.2 GPA and is a model citizen off the field. He is the complete opposite of most highly recruited players in today’s game.

So, where will Marshall end up? I have believed for the past year and a half that he was a UGA lock. However, I am not so certain any longer. He truly loves the atmosphere and coaching staff at Clemson.

With that said, I still believe that he and good friend Todd Gurley will end up at Georgia. This will help take UGA to the next level. Marshall and Isaiah Crowell or Marshall and Ken Malcolm could end up being the best duo in the SEC next season.