NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Banquet Showcases Drivers with Their Beauties

Sandra MacWattersCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2011

NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Banquet Showcases Drivers with Their Beauties

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    Champions Week in Las Vegas is a week that celebrates the drivers who made the Chase—- and of course the champion—but the night of the awards ceremony is also a time for the lovely women attached to these drivers to be shown off.

    The wives and girlfriends of the NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers play a strong supporting role in the lives of the men who have chosen to travel the country most of the year in pursuit of driving a race car.

    It can be a stressful but rewarding lifestyle, especially for those who are raising young families. Thankfully, the days of packing up the station wagon and heading to a track are long gone.

    The jet-setting, luxury-motorcoach method of travel has enabled loved ones to be at the tracks and maintain some normalcy with their lives.

    Some of these women are regulars at the track, and we see them supportively standing beside their man in pre-race ceremonies and riding the highs and lows of a race from atop the pit box.

    Other significant others are seldom seen with the drivers, either by choice or necessity.

    When the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards ceremony rolls around at the end of each season, the Chase drivers, their owners, and teams turn out in their finest attire to receive the recognition they well deserve.

    The red carpet revealed some stunning women, so let's take a peek at a few.

1. Hamlin Has Reason to Smile

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    Denny Hamlin didn't rebound the way he expected in 2011 after being the runner-up in the Chase in 2010.

    The driver of the No. 11 FedEx Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing finished ninth in the Chase points this year.

    Here we see Hamlin with his girlfriend, Jordan Fish, who is looking quite lovely.

2. Runner-Up for the Championship

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    Carl Edwards fought the racing battle of his career against Tony Stewart, and in the end, they were tied in points.

    Stewart captured the NASCAR Sprint Cup title by virtue of his five Chase wins.

    Edwards, the driver of the No. 99 AFLAC Ford for Roush Fenway Racing, is seen here with wife Kate Edwards.

3. Looking Good, Despite Troubles

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    Kurt Busch finished outside the top 10 Chase contenders, in the 11th slot of the points.

    Busch sports a smile, but his stint at Penske Racing was pretty much over at the time of the ceremony.

    The following Monday, Busch and Penske parted ways, and the former driver of the No. 22 now finds himself without a ride, or any good prospects for one, next season.

    Here we see a dapper Busch with his girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, who always looks classy.

4. I'm Not at the Table on Stage?

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    Jimmie Johnson's incredible five consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup championships came to an end this year, and Johnson found himself looking toward the stage, rather than being on it for the ceremony.

    For the first time, Johnson, driver of the Lowe's No. 48, found himself outside the top five in points. He finished this season in sixth place.

    In this photo we see the striking Chandra Johnson, wife of the five-time title winner, standing by her husband.

5. The Four-Time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

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    Jeff Gordon, driver of the No. 24 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports, was thought to be one of the hottest contenders for this year's title, but he finished eighth in the point standings.

    Gordon is seen here with his stunning wife, Ingrid Vandebosch.

6. A True Racing Couple

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    Kevin Harvick, driver of the No. 29 Budweiser Chevrolet, once again finished third in the point standings this season.

    His attractive wife, Delana Harvick, has been a true partner in his racing endeavors.

    She and her husband built up Kevin Harvick Inc., which was dissolved at the end of this season, after ten years of success.

    Jokes have been made about Harvick's wife being seen at the track in a firesuit, but you have to admit, she rocks this red gown.

7. There She Is

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    Dale Earnhardt Jr. came a long way this year with his new team for the No. 88 Amp Energy/National Guard Chevrolet. He finished the season seventh in the point standings.

    Earnhardt normally stands alone with his crew at the racetrack during pre-race ceremonies.

    This is a driver who prefers to keep his private life just that.

    Though there has been some sporadic mention of his girlfriend before, we finally got to see the gorgeous blond, Amy Reimann, at the awards ceremony.

8. A Fond Farewell

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    Monica Palumbo has served as Miss Sprint Cup, but is stepping down from that position with the completion of this season.

    Palumbo is the longest serving Miss Sprint Cup, and she was always gracious, taking time for the fans at every opportunity.

    Though we are used to seeing her in the Sprint jumpsuit, it is refreshing to see her looking amazing in her sparkling silver gown.

    Her charm and good looks will be missed as the face of Sprint in NASCAR.

    Kim Coon and Jaclyn Roney are the other two lovely ladies who will continue to serve in the Miss Sprint Cup capacity.

9. Looking Good

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    Matt Kenseth, driver of the No. 17 Ford for Roush Fenway Racing, finished fourth in the NASCAR Sprint Cup point standings this year.

    In October, Katie Kenseth broke her shoulder blade in the "Better Half Dash" at Charlotte.

    Kenseth's wife looks to have recovered beautifully, and the two make a handsome couple for sure.

10. My Boss Is the Champion

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    Ryan Newman didn't do quite as well as his boss and teammate, Tony Stewart, did this year, but he did make the Chase with a 10th place finish.

    Newman, driver of the No. 39, looks pretty happy to be standing alongside his wife, Krissie Newman, who is wearing her red dress quite nicely.