Would Donovan McNabb or Brett Favre Be Bigger Bonehead Signing for Bears?

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Would Donovan McNabb or Brett Favre Be Bigger Bonehead Signing for Bears?
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If the Chicago Bears are going to make the playoffs, the general consensus is that they're going to have to sign a veteran quarterback off the scrap heap.

The Bears pretty much have only two options here. One is to sign Donovan McNabb, who was recently cut by the Minnesota Vikings. According to CSNChicago.com, the Bears are going to at least talk about bringing McNabb aboard as Caleb Hanie's backup.

The other thing the Bears could do is put in a call to a certain retired quarterback who lives in Mississippi.

Yup, Brett Favre.

According to a report from ESPNChicago.com, the Bears haven't actually considered bringing in Favre. But for what it's worth, a source close to the quarterback claims Favre would listen if the Bears happened to give him a call.

Apparently, this is headline news.

Let's face it, neither McNabb nor Favre would represent much of an upgrade at this point. The only real question worth asking is which of them would be a bigger bonehead signing?

For kicks, let's break it down.

Donovan McNabb

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If there's one thing McNabb has on Favre, it's that he's at least played this year.

It's just too bad he didn't particularly play well. In six games as the Vikings' quarterback, McNabb threw for just 1,026 yards and four touchdowns. He actually did have a couple solid games, but he also had some downright awful games.

Case in point, you can look back to the Vikings' first game of the season against the San Diego Chargers, in which McNabb threw for a whopping 39 yards.

Eventually, the Vikings determined that they were better off giving the ball to rookie quarterback Christian Ponder. It was their plan all along, but they had to go to it sooner than they would have liked.

If you wanted to, you could argue that McNabb struggled because he didn't have any wide receivers to throw to, and it didn't help that he was playing behind a leaky offensive line.

If that's the case, why would things be any different for McNabb in Chicago? Their offensive line is at best decent, and their wide receiving corps is below average. Assuming McNabb got to play at all, he would probably be in for more of the same.

Also, McNabb is still fat and out of shape. Put nicely, he still lacks the proper cardiovascular endurance.

Brett Favre

Leon Halip/Getty Images

When Brett Favre was born, The Beatles were still together. How many other active quarterbacks can you say that about?

Here's a hint: none. By traditional NFL standards, Favre is as old as dirt. He should have retired and stayed retired several years ago, and I think it's fair to say that the NFL isn't missing him all that much this year.

Credit where credit is due, Favre can probably still sling it. Nobody ever questioned this guy's arm strength, and you also have to give him props for genuinely loving to play football.

It's just that things didn't go so well the last time Favre did play football. Last year with the Vikings, Favre threw eight more interceptions than touchdown passes, and he suffered more than his fair share of injuries.

Take Favre out of Mississippi and put him in Chicago, and disaster would almost certainly ensue.

If disaster is what the Bears are looking for, they may as well stick with Caleb Hanie. 


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Truth be told, neither of these quarterbacks would be the cure for what ails the Bears. It's too late in the season, and grasping a Mike Martz offense is not easy. Hence the reason why Devin Hester said on ESPN Radio that adding a quarterback would be a "waste of time."

But between the two of them, though, it's obvious that Favre would be the bigger bonehead signing. It was just a matter of time before his name came up, but that's as far as this rumor should go.

If the Bears let it go any further, that's when we'll know they're doomed.

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