Ross Brawn: A Successful Comeback On The Way?

John EvansContributor IDecember 26, 2008

The No Spin Zone

Ross Brawn was arguably the best technical director of his era.  The many success he shared with seven time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher is well documented, a partnership that was an unstoppable force and synonymous with Ferrari's journey out of the wilderness with the monotonous Alesi-Berger days.

Since Michael Schumacher's high profile retirement from the sport, Brawn left his job at Ferrari and took a sabbatical year out of Formula One.  He made his return to the sport last year to become Honda's team principal and thus take on a new challenge. 

Ross Brawn obviously knew that this would be no quick fix, I mean he had no Schumacher,Todt or Byrne to work with, he was instead alone in the gutter.  Honda have generally been mid to late field all year, Jenson Button's only win to date in 2006 must be a distant memory now.

Of course preparations and improvements have been made technically to improve the car's aerodynamic package with complaints from Button and Barrichello about the overall grip and speed of the car.

The shocking news a few weeks ago with Honda's shock departure must have sent alarm bells throughout Honda and more over Formula One, (it seems the credit crunch is even hitting the richest sport in the world with a threat of one more casualty). 

 Honda need a buyer and fast, promising news is that David Richards who once ironically owned the team before who turned them into the 2nd quickest team on the grid is interested in owning it with partners from the middle east.

The No Spin Zone question is this:  If David Richards becomes the saving grace of Honda, with the improvements made for 2009, which has the potential ot be a winning car, could we see a return to form for Ross Brawn in rescuing another battered team from the wilderness?

Send your thoughts in to me—this was THE NO SPIN ZONE!

Jonathan Evans—Reporting