MLB's Top Seven Rivalries

Mike KentSenior Writer IDecember 25, 2008

Baseball is one of the games with the most rivalries in sports. The players get into the rivalries and use it for momentum. But what are the top rivalries in baseball?

(No. 1 is the best.)


7. Dodgers - Arizona

The battle of the west is always very close. And now that Manny is gone, it is just going to get better. I can't wait for a game between them.


6. Giants - Dodgers

Maybe this is not a big race, but the Giants and Dodgers have it deep in their blood for one another. When they play, there are always fireworks.


5. Mets - Yankees

The battle of New York. The city lights up when it is subway-series time. It is a big battle of pride for the players. It dos not matter if they both suck or they are both good these games are good.


4. Twins - White Sox

Is there a year that the A.L. Central race is not until the last day? Yes, last year it took more and these two team never say die.


3. Mets - Phillies

Who is the team to beat? One day it is the Mets, and the next day it is the Phillies. The players don't stop trash talking one another and the games are very competitive.


2. Cubs - White Sox

The battle of Chicago is one of the best. The north side and the south are one of the best two of the top 10 teams in baseball, and they always play like it.


1. Yankees - Red Sox

This rivalry is the best in sports. Even though the Yankees were out last season, the battle did not slow down. And now that the Yankees got the best of the market, this rivalry can only heat up.