The Dating Game: Who Wants to Take Home Rex Grossman?

Josh WarrenCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2008

There is a very good chance that at the end of the Chicago Bears' season in 2008, Rex Grossman will no longer be on the roster of the Monsters of the Midway.

Whether their season ends this Sunday, or they make a miracle run for the Super Bowl, Grossman seems to be all but gone from the future plans of Chicago

This leaves us begging the question: Where is he going to end up?

The thought that Grossman is going to have a job in 2009 isn't all that far-fetched. Though he is one of the most maligned quarterbacks in the league, thanks to the local media, he still managed to help the Bears make it to the Super Bowl—only the second Chicago quarterback to have done so.

He also set multiple records for the quarterback position for the Bears franchise, and had quite a few moments of brilliance in the 2006 season.

With all of this in mind, lets take a look at a few places that Rex is likely to end up at for the 2009 season:


Detroit Lions

Okay, I know someone is going to hate this answer, but we need to take a look at the quarterback situation in Detroit before we shoot it down. Daunte Culpepper was not the answer, Jon Kitna is getting old and lacking performance, and Dan Orlovsky has a long way to go before he is anything close to the caliber of an NFL starter.

For the interim, at least, Rex Grossman seems to be a viable answer, especially in a pass happy offense with a number of decent targets. Grossman would probably get along great with someone like Calvin Johnson.


Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City hasn't had too much luck with the quarterback situation for the last few years. Trent Green and Damon Huard battled it out for the past couple of seasons, but Tyler Thigpen has emerged and seems to be the choice for the starter in Kansas City—at least for the rest of the season.

Still, his completion percentage and QB rating are less than desirable, and it might not be a bad idea to bring in someone to challenge him for the starting spot.

Rex Grossman fits the bill, and would work well with Tony Gonzalez, and get a chance to re-unite with Mark Bradley, who had a nice rapport with Grossman while he was in Chicago.


New York Jets

Before Brett Favre started talking about his arm issues, I never would have thought of this team as one needing a quarterback, or any kind of veteran presence—but they have dug themselves into a hole that Grossman may be able to dig them out of.

Kellen Clemens has some skills and could develop into an NFL starter.  But hw may need one more year, and bringing Grossman in would give him that chance.

Rex would also get to hook back up with Thomas Jones, and anyone who watched Grossman and Jones play together on the Bears know that they were a great tandem who could tear apart defenses with the play action, which they sold flawlessly for Chicago.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jeff Garcia is a quality starter, and could land a job on almost any NFL team that needed a starting quarterback. Still, he is getting up there in years, and Brian Griese has proven that he can't carry a team at that position.

Rex Grossman has done so, and he might be able to do it again if he went to play for Tampa Bay. The offensive scheme doesn't always directly fit the way Grossman plays, but Rex had to deal with a number of scheme changes while starting for Chicago, making it a small issue that could be overlooked.

Jeff Garcia may have one or two years left in the tank, but Grossman could become the starter easily, and take over if Garcia was injured, or retired.


Chicago Bears

So far, every team listed has been put on this list under the assumption that they may need help at the starting quarterback position, but there is one team out there that might not mind having Grossman for just another year or two, as a Plan B.

The Chicago Bears know what Grossman is capable of, and he knows the system that they run.

Kyle Orton, after a mediocre season, has cemented himself into the starting quarterback role, and it's unlikely that he'd be overthrown by Rex. Still, the Bears might look into keeping Grossman around as a viable, proven second stringer.

While it's still uncertain where Rex Grossman will end up next season, he has shown that he can throw the deep ball, make passes with touch, and sells the play action as well as anyone else in the game. He should be a steal—and a starter, if he ends up on the free-agent market.