Glen Sather: Fire The Old Man

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2008

Glen Sather, you are currently in the process of seemingly doing everything you can to destroy my favorite team, the New York Rangers. For this reason you need to be fucking fired before a fellow fan hunts you down and throws you down the stairs in Penn Station.

It needs to be said first that Sather has made a few good decisions in the past few years. Trading up to draft Marc Staal, drafting Cherepanov when nobody else wanted to (RIP), trading for Nikky Zherdev, and Sean Avery. All very good decisions improving the team.

But—and I mean a huge fucking—but he signed Wade Redden, re-signed Michal Rozsival, made Christian Backman and Freddy Sjostrom his deadline improvements last season, didn’t sign Brendan Shanahan, signed both Drury and Gomez when he only needed one, drafted Al Montoya and Hugh Jessimen with first-round picks, signed a surplus of third-liners, and the list goes on and on.

Oh, and did I mention he completely screwed the Rangers salary cap?

Wade Fucking Redden. What more is there to say? I was pissed when he signed him to that deal, and now words can’t even describe the absolute disgust. He is the Rangers' highest-paid defenseman, yet he is a liability every time he's on the ice, has probably made the power play worse—if that's possible—and he is probably the softest player in the NHL. All the while not looking like he really gives a shit.

This signing is going to handcuff the team for years to come—more so than the other big contracts the team has—because he gives the team absofuckinglutely nothing in return! He his putrid, there is no better way to describe him. Putrid. Six years, $6.5 million in cap hit per—the old man is on PCP. There is no way to justify this signing. Hopefully some GM who's more delusional than Sather will give the Rangers a bag of pucks for him.

He never should have signed both Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. He really only needed one. There was no reason to go and commit $14 million a year on two players of their caliber. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both great players—but they’re not difference makers. They’re no Henrik Zetterberg or Marian Hossa, both of which are UFA this summer and the Rangers have no chance of signing.

He drafted Michael Del Zotto and Bobby Sanguinetti with first-round picks. Fantastic, so far it looks like that was a good decision. The Rangers have Marc Staal, who is shaping into the one of the top five defensemen in the league, and Dan Girardi, who is one of the most underrated defensemen in the NHL. Both young, Rangers-produced defensemen who are making an impact right now in the NHL.

So why in the hell would he sign Wade Redden and Michael Rozsival? Committing $11.5 million dollars long term to players who are probably the two weakest defenseman on the team. What was the point of drafting both Del Zotto and Sanguinetti? why seemingly give up on both of them before they are even given an opportunity?

Now the team has two expensive sub par defenseman who may lead to the Rangers to be unable to re-sign Marc Staal when his time comes, and put a question mark on whether the Rangers will be able to re-sign Nikky Zherdev when he goes RFA this summer. Dumb-ass decisions. At the very least he could have just signed one of them, once again NOT both.

The salary cap, in my opinion, is the Rangers' biggest issue. It has already caused problems with their inability to sign Mats Sundin because they have no space. It most likely will leave the Rangers without the option to make a difference making trade at the deadline. It will leave them out of the running for Zetterberg, Gaborik, Bouwmeester, and Hossa this summer.

But my biggest problem with the salary cap relates to the economy. The cap has gone up significantly every year since the lockout.  I think Glen Sather was banking on the increase to allow space after signing these large contracts.

But now that the country is in a recession, the excessively ticket-sales-reliant NHL most likely will not have a cap increase this summer, and maybe for the next couple of seasons. Futhermore, its going to make the Gomez, Drury, Redden and Rozsival contracts look even worse, because players like Zetterberg and Hossa—who are significantly better players—are going to be taking pay cuts this summer.

If Major League Baseball is cutting back on salary, with the exception of the Yankees, the NHL will also be doing so.