Tiger Woods Video: Watch Golf Star Get Upstaged by Mashed Potato

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There are very few times Tiger Woods can be upstaged. Sunday, Tiger Woods was upstaged by a mashed potato.

While Woods was on his way to winning his first tournament in two years, there was an Internet sensation waiting to happen.

As you can see in the video, it’s Sunday at the Chevron tournament because of Woods' ceremonial red shirt. It looks like any other tee shot; Tiger contemplating his shot, eying the location of the hole.

The course workers quiet the crowd and Woods prepares for a huge drive that would continue his run to the title. As Woods crushes the ball a single fan is heard screaming.

“Mashed potato.”

It’s stunning to hear at first because the sound doesn’t seem real. There is no way someone could time it that perfectly as to have the camera picks them up clearly yelling “mashed potato.”

There is a way. This man, nay, hero should be awarded for his stellar work at crafting the perfect way to tell mom, “Hey, listen when I yell mashed potato.”

When the shot leaves the tee box, it comes ripping with a ferocious sound. That sound is then dwarfed by the guttural noises and pure volume the screamer had to have channeled.

Almost funnier than the actual screaming of the words "mashed potato" was the reaction of the commentators announcing the event. They enjoyed it as much as I did.

While Woods getting back into the winning circle is a big deal, I think we can all agree that on this day, Tiger played second fiddle to a mashed potato.

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