Brett Favre: The Main Reason Behind the New York Jets' Collapse

Jason GoldbergContributor IDecember 25, 2008

Going into the 2008 NFL season, the Jets had, on paper, a very good team. But they had one problem: Who would play quarterback? They had an open competition in training camp to see if it would be Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens.

I woke up one morning and I saw that Pennington had been released. "What for," I said? Then I saw that Brett Favre had been traded to the Jets. Like most Jets fans, I was very excited. "Ah, the biggest question mark on this years team has been solved! They are gonna be very good" I said.

Turns out, I, and a lot of Jet fans, were wrong. The suffering of the Jets fan will continue.

The Jets got off to a slow start this year going 3-3. Then they went on a tear and won five in a row, including two road wins against NE and TENN. NY-NY Super Bowl everyone thought. But hold on one second, these are the Jets. The Jets came home and lost a sloppy game to Denver.

Ok, it's one game, no biggie. Wrong again. They flew out to San Fransisco, where Favre and the rest of the team were outplayed by Shaun Hill. They then came home and got a miracle by beating Buffalo, but then laid an egg against Seattle this past Sunday.

Meanwhile, down in Miami, Chad Pennington is now one of the best QB's in the league. He now has his team at 10-6 after going 1-15 last year and a chance to knock off his old team the Jets and win Miami the AFC East title and a home playoff game, if not more beyond that.

The Jets controlled their own destiny, they knew what was at stake, and they just couldn't do it.

Blame Coaches- YES


But by no means does Favre get another free ride.

When the Jets were rolling, Favre was playing well, establishing big drives which kept the defense off the field and well rested. The Jets always controlled the time of possession, now they cant get a first down anymore.

The defense is being forced to keep the team in the game and they can't do it.

Favre can't do it.

He isn't playing well anymore and he needs to go. The Jets are not scoring, and it starts with him. He leads the league in INT's and has had one of the worst passer ratings the past few weeks. The Jets gambled. It was worth the risk, but the guy can't do it anymore.

And now, it comes down to one game on Sunday.

The Jets need help to get in the playoffs

They need to beat Chad and the Dolphins and hope either NE or BAL loses.

This could be a lose-lose situation for the Jets.

Lose and you can see Chad take the Dolphins to the playoffs.

Win, and you open the door for arch rival NE to win the AFC East without Tom Brady.

Favre has one more chance to prove he was worth it; if not, he needs to pretend like this never happened and get out of the Jets' organization. He just wanted one more chance to get a ring, now he needs to be a leader and put up or shut up, and get some help in the process.