Super Bowl XLVI: Madonna Selection Makes Halftime Show Even More Irrelevant

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2011


There was a time before that whole Janet Jackson debacle when the Super Bowl halftime show was must-see television. Now, it's nothing more than an opportunity to use the bathroom and get another drink. That won't be any different on Feb. 5 as it was announced that Madonna will perform at Super Bowl XLVI.

At one time Madonna would have been a selection that made sense, but now she's 53 and well past her prime. It's just another safe selection by executives who fear what could happen if they allow a more edgy act to take the stage.

Her performance will be accompanied by Cirque Du Soleil, which is actually a pleasant surprise.

There's a good chance more people will be impressed by the theatrical circus act than anything Madonna sings during the year's most-watched television event. Especially when you consider how little initial enthusiasm has been expressed about the singer's involvement.

It serves as perfect opportunity for Madonna to plug her latest movie, W.E, which just happens to hit theaters a couple days before the Super Bowl.

You have to wonder how long the NFL will continue to trot out musicians who no longer capture the audience's attention. Even though the ratings are terrific, that's only because it's on during the middle of the marquee football game of the season.

If NFL Network productions gave the fans what they want, which is anybody with current relevance, the ratings would be markedly better. But they seem content with taking the easy way out.

It's something football fans and music aficionados will have to deal with because it doesn't seem like a strategy they will be abandoning anytime soon. Hopefully there is enough outrage about the entertainment level—or lack thereof—to make the executives reconsider their stance in coming years.

Until then, get ready for more over-the-hill, nap-inspiring performances that make Indianapolis Colts football seem like the most exciting thing on Earth.