NBA Amnesty Clause: 5 Reasons Golden State Warriors Need to Cut Andris Biedrins

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IDecember 5, 2011

NBA Amnesty Clause: 5 Reasons Golden State Warriors Need to Cut Andris Biedrins

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    To say Andris Biedrins hasn’t lived up to expectations since he signed his last deal is to say David Stern and Billy Hunter didn’t do a great job handling the NBA labor negotiations.

    Two understatements, but what’s done is done and we have a new CBA and now we can look at this ordeal as getting an extra present on Christmas Morning.

    Amazing how quickly we can all forget about all this mess as soon as we heard that the NBA was back.

    Included in new the CBA is the amnesty rule, which allows any team to cut one player and have his salary figure removed from the salary cap while still having to pay him.

    Or what we should be calling the “Remainder of Andris Biedrins contract."

    While the Golden State Warriors have reportedly said the will not use the amnesty on Biedrins and the fact that they turned down this deal, it doesn’t look likely that Biedrins will be cut however, the Warriors should rethink their stance and here are five reasons that the Warriors should go ahead and use the amnesty rule on Biedrins.

1. To Send a Message

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    Yes, $27 million is a lot of money to pay someone to leave, but isn’t that better than paying someone $27 million to be a detriment to the team?

    For the new owners, what a message to send to the loyal fans of the Warriors and to the rest of the team that cost isn’t going to be an issue and that you are willing to do and spend what it takes to put a winner on the floor.

    Plus, it’s not like Biedrins has shown any flashes the previous two years of becoming anything productive, why leave him on the team and “hope” that he becomes a strong defender again?

2. Because Hoping That He Is Going to Get Better

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    Biedrins hasn’t played well since his contract kicked in and now the Warriors are going to give Biedrins every chance to succeed this season.


    Biedrins was once an almost great defender, but now could you even say he is an average defender?

    If the NBA finals taught us anything, it is that you can have two defensive liabilities in the backcourt and as long as there is a strong defender in the middle, you can win.

    Curry and Ellis are not the greatest defenders. However, if they get that defender, perhaps the same one that helped Jason Kidd and J.J. Barea in the finals, which sounds like it is possible, don’t you have to at least try to get him rather than hope Biedrins improves?

    Let’s say he does improve, big stretch, but the Warriors can’t have him on the floor when they would really need him in crunch time since he shoots free as well as any three year old.

3. The Length of His Deal

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    When Biedrins eventually uses his player option in 2013-14 that will be the same time when Dorell Wright and Ellis (who has a player option that offseason to) can be free agents.

    Do the Warriors really want to have $9 million committed to Biedrins when those guys are up for new deals?

    What if the “hope” they are holding onto that Biedrins improves doesn’t come to fruition?

    Why would either of those two guys want to come back after watching two more years of Biedrins costing the team wins, especially if it meant that they couldn’t get anyone productive in lieu of Biedrins.

4. To Free Up Cap Space

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    This is exactly what the amnesty clause is for, to free up cap space to either get under the salary cap to avoid any luxury tax or to free up space to sign another player.

    In this case, it would be to sign a player of value.

    This is the perfect time to cut Biedrins so that the Warriors can go get a productive player to make a run at making the playoffs.

    Sure it wouldn’t make sense to cut him just to cut him, just like why the Washington Wizards aren’t going to amnesty Rashard Lewis.

    They don’t plan on signing anyone and their goal isn’t immediate success. Plus, next season they will have an expiring $22 million contract to dangle as trade bait next season.

    The Warriors look like they can win now.

    If by cutting Biedrins gives the Warriors a better shot at signing one of the big name big men in Tyson Chandler, Nene, or make an offer to DeAndre Jordan that the Clippers can’t or won’t match, and the same for the less likely scenario with Marc Gasol and the Grizzles, then using the amnesty on him makes total sense.

    Bonus, getting Jordan would weaken one of the up and coming teams not only in their division, but in the NBA.

5. Now Is the Perfect Time for the Warriors to Strike

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    It's a seller's market and as teams are gearing up for a loaded 2012 free agent class, Chandler and Nene, who would be great fits for this Warriors squad, are looking for new homes and may have the Warriors on their destination list.

    How often do the two top big men in free agency have the Golden State Warriors on their list as possible destinations? They should be doing whatever it takes to get either of them!

    Let's say that the worst-case scenario is the Warriors cut Biedrins and miss out on Chandler, Nene, Jordan and Marc Gasol.

    Just go get a guy for one year like Kurt Thomas, Chris Wilcox, Jamaal Magloire, Joel Przybilla or heck, even Kwame Brown and really, are they going to be losing anything?

    Then take your chances in next summer's free agent class.

    It almost makes too much sense to let him go.