Terrell Owens: Can't a Brother Get a Break?

Janet GibbsContributor IDecember 25, 2008

What ever happened to forgive and forget, water under the bridge, or time heals all wounds?

Well, for Terrell Owens, it seems like it will not happen. Every time he speaks, his words are taken out of context, portraying him as a disgruntled employee, still angry about a missed promotion.

Can't a brother get a break?

He has learned from the error of his ways and all he wants is a little understanding.

I understand everyone believes, once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker—and understandably so. 

Let's face it, three teams, three dramas, and more drama in the making.

However, the very things that T.O. has been chastised for in the past pertaining to selfishness, ego, etc., are the very things that we have come to cherish in more accepted athletes or historical figures.

For example, did anyone ever complain when Michael Jordan demanded the last shot in a crucial game? 

Did they ever boo when John Elway ignored the "play call" from the sidelines and called his audible because he wanted to control the outcome of the game?

Furthermore, did anyone in history yell at General Patton when he disregarded authority in his quest for a "free Europe" during WWII?

Of course not!

However, the sporting world continues to chastise him for the same things that they have deemed to be admirable qualities in more accepted athletes.

Owens just wants to be understood.

Instead, his actions are treated like the Watergate scandal, and the headlines are as monumental as Barack Obama being elected the 44th President.

He deserves our forgiveness and he should be given a chance because of his undeniable effort each week.

He arrives at the stadium each week to a chorus of boos as a result of his bad public image.  However, he still is willing to give his body and all of his energy to the fans that have spent their hard earned money to attend the game.

Isn't that the type of effort that you would want to see from someone making millions? 

Shouldn't you praise an athlete pulling in millions who outwardly states that he is not earning his millions because he is being under-utilized?

Imagine that—a highly paid athlete that actually wants to produce and complains about not being involved in the ultimate team goal; winning!

When Dallas wins, then we say that Owens is magnificent.  When Dallas loses, then we say that he is a selfish and arrogant troublemaker.

If I were him, I would stop asking for a break.  He has already received his break by being on the roster of "America's Team"!

Now, we must do our part by simply "giving the brother a break."

He deserves one!