Champions League: England vs. Italia

Zlatan ZContributor IDecember 25, 2008

The title should be self-explanatory, but in case you don't understand (or if you are American), I'll bring you up to speed.

Every year, the elites of Europe compete for the most prestigious club award in the world, the Champions League.

The competition is full of emotions and drama. It seems to bring out the very best out of every team (or the not-so-very-best in Inter's recent years). While 16 teams go through to the knockout rounds, it is normally quite clear who the favorites are.

The competition is light when it comes to upsets, most notably FC Porto's incredible run, but the competition is normally between "the usual suspects." The Barcelonas, the Arsenals, the Man. Uniteds, and so on.

While each country (including Spain) has 11 wins in this competition, that trend will have to break this year, assuming we don't have another FC Porto-type-of-run.

The rest of the article will not be written in traditional essay form. I will just give my assumptions on the outcomes between English and Italian teams. So let's get started!

AS Roma v Arsenal

Roma and Arsenal have had a similar season, not in terms of table position but rather within the clubs. Both teams have disappointed so far this season, which no one can argue against. Fabregas and Totti are both most likely out due to injuries.

However, with everything that the teams have gone through, this should and will be an exciting encounter between one of Italy's best teams and one of England's best teams going at it.


Going by logic, Arsenal wins. But I normally go with my gut feeling and I see a hard fought win for the Italian side. Roma

Juventus v Chelsea

One team struggled early on and are now firing on all cylinders, putting themselves in an excellent position to challenge for the scudetto. The other was going to work at getting it done early on, but lately can't seem to focus at the office. We are talking about Juventus and Chelsea, respectively.

Both teams are having excellent seasons up to this point and this dog-fight has all the ingredients for a historical matchup between some of Europe's elite teams.


A grueling matchup with much pride on the line. Both teams have much to prove. Chelsea wants to show the world that the loss to United was a fluke in the final and Juventus are determined to prove to Europe that the "old lady" is back to its best, which would be hard to argue against. Juventus

Inter Milan v Manchester United

This could very well be the game of the year.

On one side you have Inter, who have dominated the Italian league for three years, and possess a talent like Zlatan Ibrahimovic (arguably the best player currently in the world) and Maicon (who is playing out of this world). To top off the cake, you have a coach like Mourinho. The personnel is there for Inter; it's up to them if they succeed or not.

Then you have a team like Manchester. They have not been too impressive this season, but have nevertheless shown glimpses of the same form they were in when they pulled off "the double." Of course, the talent's there as well. This matchup could shake the foundations of this competition.


Inter Milan have the more balanced, mature squad, but their offense has not always been on top form. On the contrary, Manchester United have a very formidable attack and a very balanced team throughout as well.

Going by logic, you can't really pick which team will come out on top, unless you go with history. But the thing with history is, it's in the past. Logically its hard to base my assumptions really besides the fact Inter Milan have been on from this season. While United is on and off.

Going with my heart, however, I cannot pick against Inter. With Zlatan playing as he is and Maicon, as well as Inters' defense, I cannot pick against them. Inter Milan