BCS National Championship: 6 Teams Left out That Should Be in

Jonathan HunleyCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

BCS National Championship: 6 Teams Left out That Should Be in

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    Well, the BCS bowls are set. There are going to be some teams that feel like they've gotten a raw deal and others that are excited.

    Every year, there is always debate on who should be in and who shouldn't, and there are always plenty of arguments one way or another.

    I'm going to break down six teams that deserved to make it and didn't.

Boise State

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    Boise State did nothing but do what they do every year, and that's win. They came within a missed FG of making it another undefeated season against another team that will be on this list in a few slides.

    They went across the country to start the season and completely owned a SEC team in Georgia. The Broncos also have a record-breaking QB in Kellen Moore. And last but not least, they have one of the best coaches in the country in Chris Petersen.

    I know they play in the Mountain West, but I also believe that the MWC is just as tough as the Big East.

Kansas State

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    Here's a team that, at the beginning of the year, no one would've had high expectations for. However, their legendary coach, Bill Snyder, led them to an amazing season.

    They only lost two games to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and beat everyone else on their schedule that matters, including wins vs. Baylor, at Miami, at Texas and at Texas A&M.

    Those are some really good road wins at some very tough places to pull off a win, especially when you're not supposed to be anything spectacular this season.


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    In at No. 3 are the Baylor Bears. What a season they have had.

    They started it off with a bang in the thriller against TCU and came away with a win. Baylor was also victorious against Oklahoma and Texas.

    They have a QB in Robert Griffin III who is a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate with his array of jaw-dropping moments.

    This is definitely a team that makes a very strong case for deserving a spot in a BCS game.


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    This team started off on a bad note in a close loss to Baylor. However, they beat Boise State and won the the Mountain West Conference.

    The Horned Frogs should've earned a little more respect considering how they went to the Rose Bowl last year and beat Wisconsin. They also went to the Fiesta Bowl the year before that and had a great game with Boise State.

    I believe that both TCU and Boise State deserve a pass when it comes to the conference they play in. They do try to get out and schedule tougher competition, but they can't play USC or Ohio State, for example, if those respective teams aren't willing to play them.

    This will change next year for TCU, at least, as they move to the Big 12.


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    The only reason that this Arkansas team is not going BCS bowling is because of the rule that doesn't allow more than two teams from a conference to play in BCS games.

    That is a travesty because Arkansas has one prolific offense. This team could go out and hang 40 on just about anyone. With the exception of the LSU and 'Bama games, the Razorbacks did just about that.

    They have wins over South Carolina and Texas A&M and also handed Tennessee their worse loss in years inside of Neyland Stadium. 

    Arkansas has a dynamite WR corp and a great QB to deliver them the ball.

    It's a shame that the BCS has these rules, but it's the SEC's fault that they have that many good and deserving teams.

South Carolina

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    Their only losses came to Auburn and Arkansas. South Carolina posted its second 10-win season in row for the first time in school history.

    They beat Georgia and whooped Clemson, and they did a lot of this without fifth-year senior Stephan Garcia, who was their returning starting QB. The Gamecocks also were without Marcus Lattimore for half of the season.

    South Carolina boasts one of the best defenses in the country with an amazing pass rush and really good secondary. It is very difficult to throw against this group.

    This is a very good team, and I believe had Lattimore not missed time, they would have played LSU on Saturday and not Georgia.