Penn State Out To Prove The 'Experts' Wrong Again at the Rose Bowl

Daniel LewisCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2008

Many people present the argument that Penn State - the school I currently attend-should be in the National Championship game. I agree with some arguments and disagree with some, but this year be happy kind folks!

We have a chance to prove something. If we were playing Oregon State, there would be nothing to prove (No offense Beavers fans, but we beat ya by 31 already). Instead, we are playing powerhouse USC and in my opinion the best coach in college football in Pete Carroll (Just don't talk about his NFL career!).

Penn State can control how we are viewed on an overall basis for 2008 and in many ways for the future. You see, USC is not an ordinary bowl opponent. They may well be the best team in the country. The stellar, powerhouse defense has been talked about as the possibly one of the best-ever in college football. And with a spark plug offense, rest assured that Penn State will get the true test.

But PSU fans: do not be upset yet. If we go out to California on what I believe is USC turf and upset the 10 or so spread on this game - and defeat USC - then the argument for Penn State being in the 'Big Game' is clear.

Bt if we get smoked by 30+ like Team Ugly Sweater Vest (you know who you are!) did earlier in the season, than the arguments against Penn State stands.

What could be better?

Despite the economy being worse than Mark May's opinion of the Big 10, I will be making the trip to the west coast for this game and am excited to witness all of this go down live (and to wear shorts, of course).

Also, sure the critics and the "experts" we have on ESPN predict USC because of history. Well here are the Dan Lewis reasons to prove wrong college football's 'experts' and for one time forget history for a few minutes:

Anyone remember?

Mark May boldly - yet confidently- predicting that Penn State loses to Wisconsin because of history. Mark's May's 'expertise' was wrong points.

Oh yeah...Penn State never beats Michigan and will have trouble with them for sure at Beaver in 2008...Nope. We won by 29.

Does anyone remember Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and even LeBron James all on hand to predict a big Ohio State win against Penn State Oct. 25th? It was touching, really, with Kirk Herbstreit's beautiful children all in attendance as the Ohio State fans went wild on College Gameday. Fast-forward about twelve hours to downtown State College where I was at a riot of Penn State fans going nuts after an emotional win at the Horseshoe.

Get the point?

USC fans, I am not putting down the Trojans. I am saying history is not always correct and the Nittany Lions have more of a shot in this game than they will get credit for. If it was all about history, why do the Trojans play at the Coliseum? That does not make much sense now does it?

Anyways, if history is always correct Mr. Mark May and everything from the past repeats itself, than for Christmas today I would have received action figures like I did in 1994 or perhaps a Beanie baby from 1997. But no Mark, it is 2008.