TUF 14: Anderson Silva Would Destroy Michael Bisping

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIDecember 4, 2011

Following his impressive performance against Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Michael "The Count" Bisping was asked about his future plans in the UFC.

His response to Joe Rogan was a first round like the one he had against "Mayhem" just won't cut it against the champion is absolutely true.

Well, maybe he could get away with starting slow against the champion since reigning title holder, Anderson Silva is notorious for analyzing his opponents in the opening minutes.

But what would happen following the first few minutes of the opening frame would be nothing short of a massacre.

When Bisping was preparing to enter the cage, Rogan commented on how Bisping has worked on correcting his mistakes (you'd think a UFC-level fighter would know which way to circle) and has been improving.

Although that may be true as Bisping has looked better and better each time we see him, none of his improvements would matter if given a title shot against Silva.

Bisping still managed to get clipped by a few wild overhand rights from "Mayhem" in the first round. It's hard to imagine that someone who drops people with a jab from their waist (Silva) wouldn't take the Brits head off with a true power punch.

If you don't believe me, just look at the last two times Bisping has fought guys with KO power. He lost a unanimous decision to Wanderlei Silva that saw him get dropped, and then was floored by the patented "H-Bomb" in his bout against Dan Henderson.

Neither Wanderlei nor Henderson are considered technical strikers, and yet they were able to break through the Brit's defense. Why would we doubt someone of the caliber of "The Spider" couldn't find his openings as well?

Bisping works as a volume puncher, attempting to wear down his opponent by setting a high pace and always being on the offensive.

Although his grinding style is suited for a five-round fight, it's not the style you'd want to have against the champion.

Bisping would need to KO Silva or grind out a finish on the ground, something he hasn't show the ability to do yet.

It's good that Bisping realizes he's not ready for a title because if he were to face Silva in his next bout, Bisping would be down for the count.