It's Times Like These To Support Arsene Wenger!

Mustafa FarahContributor IDecember 25, 2008

Over the past few years many have questioned the ability of Arsene Wenger and I for one is appalled at it. The worst thing is that some of those people are Arsenal fans!

Never have I thought that we Gooners would turn our back on the guy who brought us from being mid-table in the 90s to being an English power house.

Now I'm no expert, but have you noticed that when we believe in Mr.Wenger, success always follows.

But ever since 2006, we have been disloyal to our manager. There was a time when Arsenal fans used to believe and stand together, cheering our team on. But those days are long gone. Now we Gooners boo our players and jeer them instead of jeering our opponents.

The Eboue incident for me was a sad day as a Arsenal fan. For the first time I was embarrassed to be a fan of the Red and White Army.

Now I have been an Arsenal fan for a long time, but never have I seen us booing our own player, even though they are playing poorly. We should not be fans who boo our own players but fans who encourage our players, we should leave the booing to Tottenham fans!

Last week against Liverpool, I saw something that was pretty obvious. When we started to cheer our team on, they preformed their hearts out and we looked like we were dangerous.

So tell me this, why did we cheer them on? Was it for Fabregas getting injured, or the Adebayor red card? Why can't we cheer our team on like that every game? I promise you, if we cheer our team on like last week against Liverpool, then it's only a matter of time for success to follow.

So go out there, be a Gooner, chant your hearts out and always believe in the man himself, Arsene Wenger. Don't question him like the media is doing now, and support the team we all love to support.

This was my first article so thanks for bearing with me.

Also, when you say in "Arsene We Trust", say that from the bottom of your heart, like you really mean it.

It's been a pleasure writing this and I also like criticism because that makes me a better writer.

Love the Gunners through and through, and may I go to the grave supporting the best team in the land THE ARSENAL.