BCS Rankings: Why Oklahoma State Will Jump Alabama Tonight

Corbin WeaverContributor IIIDecember 4, 2011

STILLWATER, OK - DECEMBER 03:  Brandon Weeden #3 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys runs the offense during play against the Oklahoma Sooners at Boone Pickens Stadium on December 3, 2011 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While anything can happen with the computers tonight in the much anticipated release of the Week 15 BCS rankings, only one thing is certain: LSU will be ranked No. 1.

However, an interesting scenario could play out. 

Many people have completely ruled out the possibility of anything besides an LSU-Alabama rematch to decide who the BCS national champion will be this season. 

For the past two weeks, it was clearly stated that in order for Oklahoma State to have a chance to jump Alabama, the Cowboys would need to have an impressive win over rival Oklahoma in prime time.

The Cowboys did just that and beat 10th-ranked Oklahoma decisively, 44-10. 

Let's break down why Oklahoma State will jump Alabama tonight. 

First, the computers love OSU. They love the Cowboys because of what the Big 12 did to non-conference opponents this year.

Even before this week, Oklahoma State was ahead of Alabama in the computer rankings, but a big part of the rankings comes from the voters. 

Secondly, Oklahoma State made a huge jump with voters last night. Not only did Virginia Tech lose last night to open up a spot for Oklahoma State to jump up, they nearly reached Alabama's total.

Last week in the USA Today Coaches' Poll, Oklahoma State received 1,245 votes, while Alabama had 1,411. This week, Oklahoma State has 1,367 and Alabama has 1,399.

This could be enough to jump Alabama in the BCS rankings. 

Because the rankings are decided on a combination of the computers and polls, with emphasis on the polls, Oklahoma State certainly has a legitimate shot at playing for the national title. The only question now is: Did last night's performance have enough impact on voters?

While this is only speculation, this scenario is quite possible and could potentially play out. Not only would this pose a greater challenge for LSU, it would help avoid a dreaded rematch.