Philadelphia Eagles: Did NFL Network Help Eagles Re-Sign Desean Jackson?

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

The NFL network showing a disinterested Jackson lowers his market value and helps the Eagles chances of retaining him
The NFL network showing a disinterested Jackson lowers his market value and helps the Eagles chances of retaining himJonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The best part of the Eagles 31-14 loss to Seattle was the misconception that the NFL Network and media created about DeSean Jackson. The reason that I was so happy to see it was because this kind of media coverage, combined with a down year in production, will only lower the price tag on DeSean and increase the odds the Eagles keep the much maligned wide out.

There are a couple of things that are important. First, no matter how you feel about DeSean Jackson, there is no denying he is a talented player. He will help the Eagles for many years if they re-sign him.  Due to a lot of money in other places, the Eagles are a bit cap strapped next season. So, if Jackson had a monster year, he likely would have been outside the Eagles price range.

This season has been the best thing that could have happened to the Eagles' hopes of re-signing Jackson. He is having a poor season from a statistical standpoint, combined with the fact he has had several offseason issues. First, he held out of training camp. Then, he was benched for a lack of effort for dropping passes. Then, the NFL Network buried him this Thursday.

The NFL Network said Jackson was disinterested and not playing hard. The national media picked up on it. The funniest part is it seems to have all been wrong. The network showed Young talking to Jackson and Jackson ignoring him, but in reality, he was talking to Riley Cooper, who was sitting next to Jackson. 

Andy Reid defended Jackson this past week, but there is no doubt most people think he has been dogging it. So when he becomes a free agent, that will lower the price tag.

I have been on the record all along saying I believe Andy Reid should and will be back next season.  Jeffrey Lurie once called him the Eagles' coach for life, and while that status might be shaky, I think he gets one more year—at least. What does that have to do with Jackson?

Well Reid really likes Jackson and is a Jackson guy, so if Reid stays, there is a good chance Jackson will, too.

The reality is this season was a disappointment, but this team still has talent. Next year, with a full offseason, the team may do better. One thing I know for sure is the odds of success next season are significantly higher if Jackson is still in Eagles green.

If Reid is back, I think he will be.