BCS Rankings: Predicting the Postseason Top 10 Teams

Sean LansingContributor IDecember 4, 2011

Believe it or not, the 2011-12 college football regular season is in the books—aside from the annual and always entertaining Army-Navy showdown next weekend.

All of the AQ conference champions have been crowned and the time is up for teams hoping to secure an at-large BCS bid to score style points and wow voters with impressive victories.

Despite No. 3 Oklahoma State’s best effort—a 44-10 thrashing of their arch rival, No. 10 Oklahoma—it is still likely that No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama will hold on to the top two spots in the BCS, resulting in a rematch for the Coaches Trophy in January.

The Cowboys will no doubt remain in the No. 3 spot, setting themselves up for a trip to the BCS and a potential match up with No. 4 Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl.

Outside of the Top Four, expect a lot of movement.

No. 5 Virginia Tech lost handily to Clemson in the ACC Championship Game Saturday night. No. 6 Houston lost for the first time all season in the Conference-USA Championship Game and the Sooners lost Bedlam.

Because of the three above mentioned losses, Pac-12 champion Oregon will move up from their No. 9 spot, No. 7 Boise State should stay in the Top 10 and No. 8 Arkansas could do the same.

After beating Iowa State to close out their regular season, No. 11 Kansas State should move in to the Top 10 and secure a spot in a BCS game. No. 15 Wisconsin could do the same after beating No. 13 Michigan State in the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game this weekend.

Regardless of how it all shakes out, conference tie-ins and biases are going to ensure that teams outside of the Top 10 make it to BCS games while those inside do not. 

As always, this won’t sit well with a number of fans across the country and college football will again be subject to months of debate over the merits of the BCS.