Aaron Rodgers: A True Story of Quirky Humor, Red Eyes and Snow Removal

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIDecember 4, 2011

Aaron Rodgers and Kyle Vanden Bosch
Aaron Rodgers and Kyle Vanden BoschGregory Shamus/Getty Images

Greetings from the Frozen (snowy) Tundra, friends!

Ahh...If you live in Western Wisconsin, which I do, you spent Saturday looking out your window as rain, freezing rain and, finally, snow fell, blanketing your yard and whatever Manpig did not yet put away in the shed.  If you are like me, you watched with a silent awe as winter is now upon us. 

And, if you are also like me, you were awakened at four a.m. this morning by a screaming, hysterical beagle who had to go outside. 

While standing on your deck, at four a.m., you were struck by the pristine beauty of the new fallen snow, the way that the woods surrounding your house seem so peaceful.  A peace fills your soul, as the new fallen snow has given you the opportunity to believe that today is another wonderful day, filled with the joy of the upcoming holiday season and, hopefully, a Packers win against the Giants today.

However, nothing is ever simple and peaceful at Casa Moen-Kadlec. After Manpig, your beloved husband, started the old snow blower on fire (during a "routine maintenance"), he determined that nothing would ever be right in his world until he bought a new snow blower and he could use his new machine. There would be no joy, nor peace, in Casa Moen-Kadlec until a new snow blower could be obtained. No celebrations  No title belts throw down. No B.J. Raji hula dances.

As I have been known to throw down a title belt celebration for whatever reason, I had to act swiftly. For example, after folding laundry, and quickly and efficiently putting it away, I throw down the title belt move.  Upon obtaining lunch for my friends, I throw down the title belt.  All little things in life must be celebrated, after all. 

The title belt in question...
The title belt in question...Jamie Squire/Getty Images


This would not stand. As the Wife of Manpig, I determined that a new snow blower was an allowable purchase.

If you live in my little corner of Wisconsin, (which you more than likely do not as we are a remote group of people of Norwegian descent and therefore are generally suspicious of outsiders), you may have been awakened at 7 a.m. on this fine, crisp December day by the sound of a snow blower firing up.  If you looked out your window at this time, you would've seen Manpig, dressed in camo bibs and a Packers stocking cap, dancing a gleeful jig with a peaceful smile on his face as he harnessed the raw awesome power of a 7 horsepower snow blower.

And, if you are married to Manpig, you looked outside your window after one hour and noticed that you no longer have any snow left in your yard, and Manpig has absconded from your property, with the snow blower.  While you worry that Manpig may have finally snapped, you next determine that if he does not have gasoline for the snow blower, he cannot continue on to remove snow from other people's yards. 

The debit card will be hidden for the remainder of the day, therefore reducing the number of times that gasoline can be purchased, along with the key for the snow blower.

Oh, and if you see Manpig (please see description above of what he was wearing), please send him home so I can stage an intervention.

So, this week, an interview with Aaron Rodgers was brought to my attention by a fellow Packers fan.  And this interview, in case you haven't heard it, is further proof that Aaron Rodgers might have the quirkiest sense of humor in the NFL


Aaron Rodgers gave an interview with a Milwaukee radio station this past week, in which he discussed his interactions with Kyle Vanden Bosch of the Detroit Lions.  If you haven't heard this interview, Aaron Rodgers divulged that Vanden Bosch has an interesting habit of laying on people after he tackles them and talking to the person that he just tackled. In addition, Mr. Vanden Bosch also wears red contact lenses on game day.

While this does not sound like anything really unusual, to hear Aaron Rodgers speak of being hit by Vanden Bosch, and even impersonating the way that Vanden Bosch speaks, as well as his passion for not getting penalties, you have to laugh. 

So, why do I say Aaron Rodgers has a quirky sense of humor?  Do we not all recall the photo bombings of the weekly captains or the various facial hair styles Mr. Rodgers has sported in preseasons past?

Quirky, indeed. 

With that being said, onto the New York Giants!

"Aaron Rodgers Does His Best Kyle Vanden Bosch Impression."  http://themajors.net/detroit/?p=5509