TUF 14 Finale Results: 5 Questions Mayhem Miller Must Answer in His Next Fight

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

TUF 14 Finale Results: 5 Questions Mayhem Miller Must Answer in His Next Fight

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    Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Michael Bisping squared off on The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale and left fans wondering quite a bit about the Bully Beatdown star.

    The first round saw Mayhem put up a good fight and he possibly won the round. Then after that it was a different Mayhem in the cage and he was simply beaten in for the remaining two rounds the fight lasted.

    As a Mayhem fan it was tough to watch and it's horrible I actually have to write this. It's also sad that the highest moment of the fight was when Mayhem was getting beaten in on the ground and he then taunted Bisping to throw an illegal knee like he did against Jorge Rivera.

    All in all though, the fight has left numerous questions for Mayhem going into his next fight that may or may not be in the UFC.

Is My Cardio Up To Speed?

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    Whether you watched, cringing at every shot Mayhem took, or were cheering for every shot Bisping threw, there was one thing you knew—Mayhem's cardio was gone early on.

    It might just be his ring rust or it could be he didn't focus enough on cardio. Whatever the case, cardio is a key factor going into his next fight with whomever he steps in against.

How Legit Was My Training?

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    Going off the last slide, Mayhem didn't look like he belonged in the UFC. After a solid first round that saw Mayhem secure a takedown in a round some people believe Mayhem won, his next two rounds were really lopsided.

    Mayhem started getting out-striked really badly and ended up getting his face pounded in.

    It was the first time Mayhem had been finished since he lost to Frank Trigg in December of 2006 and it was only the third time in 33 fights he had been finished.

Am I Biting off More Than I Can Chew?

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    Mayhem's first fight in the UFC was against someone who was inches away from being a contender in the middleweight division. Not to mention the fact that Bisping has graced some top 10 middleweights rankings.

    It wasn't a great choice to start off his UFC career and especially since he didn't fight for a year. Next fight—if there is a next fight in the UFC—Mayhem needs to get someone a little less than average to get himself readjusted to fighting.

Can I Still Contend in the UFC?

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    Mayhem was pummeled last night, and like the other slides have mentioned, he looked like he didn't belong.

    As sad as I was that this was happening—especially at the hands of Michael Bisping of all people—it looked like Mayhem couldn't handle the top of the UFC.

    You can attribute it to ring rust, UFC jitters or just the fact that he isn't as good as some think. 

    Going into his next fight he needs to find out whether he can still contend.

Was I Too Pumped for My Last Fight?

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    I don't even really feel like I should even elaborate on this because if you've watched any of The Ultimate Fighter 14 or even if you watch interviews, you know Mayhem and Bisping had done an excellent job of selling the fight.

    Mayhem felt he was ready and that he would wreck Bisping. Unfortunately for Mayhem, he might have had an adrenaline dump which if he did, hurt him significantly in the fight.

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