Top 5 Favorite WWE Video Games of All Time

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterDecember 4, 2011

Top 5 Favorite WWE Video Games of All Time

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    Truth be told, I am not a huge gamer. Of course, I have played my fair share of video games over the year. Who hasn't?

    However, I am very torn on buying the new WWE '12 video game during the holiday season. The last WWE game I purchased was over five years ago, so I am very hesitant to make the move.

    With that being said, I started thinking back to many of the great wrestling games created. Today, I am going to count down my favorite video games from the greatest wrestling company in the world...

5. WWE All Stars

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    This game is fairly recent, but I really enjoyed playing it.

    The game play is easy to learn, and most of the characters are "all stars." The theme in creating past vs. present matches do a great job in creating something different to play.

    My only problem was the story mode. You can either beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the tag titles, challenge Randy Orton for the WWE title or defeat The Undertaker at Wrestle Mania. That's it!

    It is a great ride, but it does not have much replay value.

4. War Zone

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    This was a very fun game.

    It did not have many characters, but none of that was needed. Outside of Kane, Undertaker and Stone Cold, I was never anybody else anyway.

    The game play was actually pretty easy to learn, and the finishers were right on. The "realism" in this game was very revolutionary at the time, but it is still being seen today...

3. First Smackdown

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    Good old PlayStation...

    Who didn't play this game for hours on end 10 years ago? I know I did. It was just exactly what the wrestling world needed at this time. A great video game to go along with the amazing television product!

    The game play and characters were exactly as expected, but it set the stage for much better versions of the series to evolve.

2. Here Comes the Pain

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    Bill Goldberg? The Rock? Brock Lesnar? Undertaker? Shawn Michaels? Triple H?

    These were some of the regular characters back then too! Then you add on the Elimination Chamber, Royal Rumble, and the infamous "first blood" matches, and you have an excellent edition.

1. No Mercy

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    This was an easy choice. No other game stands out in my memory more than No Mercy. The N64 was already pumping out great games at this time, but a wrestling game like this?

    Well, that put the system over the top, and the game speaks for itself. Anybody who has ever played this game knows exactly why this deserves the top spot...

    As you can see, I was a fan of video games many years ago, but my playing days have decreased big-time. Perhaps I should give them a go again after watching Raw or SmackDown?

    Being still undecided on WWE '12, what do you folks think? What are your favorite WWE video games and/or any thoughts on WWE '12? Let me know below...

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