TUF 14 Results: Sonnen Says, "Bisping Isn't Worth the Time"

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2011

Michael "The Count" Bisping has barely had time to celebrate his victory over Jason "Mayhem" Miller and already the most infamous trash talker in MMA history, Chael Sonnen, has put in his two cents on Bisping's performance.

Prior to this evening's event, it had been widely speculated that the winner of Bisping vs. Miller would go on to face Sonnen, but Sonnen seems to have no interest in fighting The Count.

Via twitter, Sonnen let the world know what he thinks of a potential fight with Bisping:

"Bisping isn't worth the time. Hey, what do you say we give em a show. For ole times sake...."

Evidently, Sonnen is more interested in a fight with top middleweight contender Mark Munoz. The winner of that fight likely earning the next title shot.

The "for ole times sake" portion of the tweet is in reference to the fact that Sonnen and Munoz actually wrestled each other years ago when both were decorated amateur wrestlers.

It was a matchup that Munoz won.

Apparently, Sonnen is looking to avenge that defeat from long ago.

Bisping has yet to offer any response to Sonnen's tweet, but there is no doubting he will not be happy with the prospect of Sonnen and Munoz fighting while he waits in the wings.

Leading into his fight with Miller, Bisping talked about his belief that he is one of the best middleweights on the planet and also expressed his interest in fighting for the title.

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