LSU vs. Georgia: Final Score and Video Highlights

Dan Vasta@CI_StatsGuruSenior Writer IIIDecember 4, 2011

LSU vs. Georgia: Final Score and Video Highlights

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    LSU 42, Georgia 10

    In a crazy SEC championship, the Bayou Bengals were able to outlast and demolish the Bulldogs when it mattered most.

    Georgia came storming out the gates, but Les Miles and his Tigers proved why, once again, they are the top-ranked team in the country for a reason.

    There's no doubting that they will be No. 1 in the nation, and they will be playing against Alabama Crimson Tide in Louisiana on Jan. 9th (8:15 p.m. ET final announcement).

DeSean Jackson in Disguise?

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    Tyrann Mathieu is one of the finest players in the country, and the sickening thing for future opponents is that he's only a sophomore.

    Will he be among the greatest LSU Tigers of all time? He already has tied the record for most forced fumbles (11), and he's still at least a year away.

    Did I mention he can bring a punt or two back to the house? 

    As long as he can learn on hanging onto the ball for an extra second or so before he tosses it to the official, he'll be just fine.

Relentless Defenese Thanks to Depth

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    The depth on the defensive line for LSU is beyond unfair, they can throw a billion different bodies at you for an entire ball game. They are never winded, and in fact, get stronger by the game.

    We also learned that the secondary against Georgia played extremely well after the first quarter. 

    A few crucial drops arguably cost Georgia any chance of keeping it close. Going up 10 points did not mean a thing since LSU could come back down form 20 points arguably if need be. They will not give up on their ground game, but let us not hide the play of the game.

    Tyrann Mathieu once again energized his team, and it was just what the doctor order. Not saying LSU would not have still won had the punt return not been brought back, but it would not have been as ugly (arguably).

Line of Scrimmage Domination

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    It should be noted that the LSU Tigers were actually outgained in this game, but that had ZERO impact on the game.

    Kenny Hilliard ran like a man possessed against the 'Dawgs defense that held LSU's offense to zero first downs in the first half. They could not even reach 25 yards in the first half, but LSU did not panic one bit.

    They stuck to their game plan and pounded the rock against Georgia because they could not be stopped. Hilliard ran over what seemed to be high school kids on the field and those so-called "kids" were one of the better defenses in the country!

    All four of the LSU backs did not tote the rock more than eight times, and yet, they still combined to rush for 213 yards.

    They spread the wealth perfectly, and Georgia did not know what hit them as soon as Aaron Murray had coughed it up on the opening drive during the third quarter.

All Three Phases Dominated

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    We thought we found a weakness on this LSU squad in the first half since the offense could hardly move the ball, but this has truly been an exceptional ride for the Bayou Bengals.

    The journey is not over quite yet, but through 13 games, I cannot recollect of any team that has knocked off three top-10 squads and then dominate in their conference championship.

    LSU has obliterated nearly every team (save Alabama), and it just goes to show how important the three facets of the game are.

    Special teams for LSU has been an amazing asset. Brad Wing may be the best punter in the country, and the coverage team is right there.

Jordan Jefferson Is Worthy Thanks to a Team Effort

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    Throwing for 30 yards is not exactly productive, but he only threw it 13 times as opposed to the 51 times that Georgia attempted to thread it.

    The time of possession was technically dominated by the Bulldogs (37-23) since LSU ran 37 fewer plays than Georgia.

    However, the three turnovers for Georgia cost them dearly which resulted in 21 points. The best defensive back in the nation (Morris Claiborne) brought one back to the house to put an exclamation on the blowout victory. 

    Georgia proved they will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future, and UGA still may very well be a top-10 or top-15 team, but we will never for sure because Les Miles and crew are miles ahead of everybody in the country.

    Well, maybe every team except for that one from Tuscaloosa, but we will find out for sure in Louisiana on Jan. 9th in what could be the most-hyped BCS national championship. Only 36 days and counting!