A Christmas Wish List for The WWE: All I Want For Christmas...

Chris BrowneCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2008

Remember when we were all kids, and we'd write-up lists to Santa on what we wanted for Christmas?  Well, why should the WWE be any different?  Let's role-play for a second, and let Vince McMahonaclaus do some little holiday gift giving.

The list goes as follows, in no particular order...

1.  A new title for the WWE.  Some brand, at this rate, any brand.

Let's face it, there are five singles titles in the WWE besides Women's titles, spread across three brands.  There used to be six.  Now fine, there's only one less title, but the Cruiserweight title was more important than many people realize it. 

Face it, look at all the people that went through the cruiserweight division that are now at least in the mid-card position. Now look how many people the Cruiserweight division could still do it's job to highlight:

Brian Kendrick (Even though he's been in the division before, it almost seems fit for him), Primo, Evan Bourne, Jesse, Charlie Haas possibly, Jamie Noble, Ryder, Hawkins, even HELMS, Jimmy Wang Yang, Kung Fu Naki, you could even throw Chavo back in there for some veteran presence.

Out of those names how many of them are actually in a decent program? Primo gets an occasional tag match , and Bourne was in a program with Mike Knox of all people.  Look at how many people that could effect.

If they don't want to figure out a way to bring back the Cruiserweight Title, then how bout the European title?  Think of how many more people that are up and coming that could use an actual title feud of some sort, even if they don't win it.  That said, here's even an interesting way to bring back the European Title.

William Regal works his program with CM Punk.  Personally I think it would damage Punk's World Heavyweight Championship reign to have him win the IC title so soon. 

Kofi is the perfect fit.  Kofi can lose a match or two from Regal with the title on the line to build him some hype.  Have him win it from Regal before No Way Out and Regal losing the rematch at No Way Out. 

Regal talks about how his winning the IC title for all his "countrymen" brought some prestige back to the IC title and revitalized the fan base in Europe. He can go onto say that Kofi holding the Intercontinental Championship is disgracing the belt and that a champion such as he needs to be holding a championship. 

They can even build it up beforehand and show him talking to Stephanie McMahon earlier on Raw that night.  Later that night, he announces that the European Title is being brought back and he is the inaugural champion in its revival.

You can bring a short feud between the two, culminating that Kofi has never held the European title and Regal has never beaten Kofi for the Intercontinental Title.  Then have a dual championship match at Wrestlemania, with Kofi retaining the IC title and winning the European Title. 

What this does is it allows the chance to possibly have a belt that can be held over on ECW.  The transition though, can easily be done. 

Kofi wins the European Title and retains in the rematch.  Kofi can have some tag matches he runs with Evan Bourne for awhile, until Evan requests a title match for one of Kofi's titles. 

Then you can have Evan Bourne win the European Title, and bring some help to actually add a mid-card division to ECW.

Lastly, this would do two good things.  Kofi would get his push a little heavier than he normally would.  Which is good because Kofi deserves to be pushed, he does a good job in the ring, hes a good performer.

This also would help give Evan Bourne the proper push up to a title.  He too is an excellent performer, but I can think offhand of another superstar who was internationally crucified because of his early success, and I believe his name begins with John and ends with Cena.  This would give Bourne a reward for his good work and a title reign of some importance, and have him actually climb the ladder of success like superstars should.

2. Do something with the tag division...PLEASE.

If you're not going to have a meaningful tag division across two different brands, then at least merge the belts and make the titles able to be defended across all three brands. 

Maybe this would actually make the Tag Champs important because they'd be revered as the best tag team in the entire WWE instead of just the best Tag Team on one brand.  Tag teams like Priceless would add to the ego trip of holding the only tag belts across the WWE. 

This would also give tag teams on ECW or SD that are buried beneath the midcard division some spotlight.  For crying out loud,have more Tag Title Matches!

3. More Stipulation matches...Please!

Now, before I begin, I'm not asking that every PPV title match be a stipulation match.  But there is a simple concept that the WWE was able to grasp during the Attitude Era that it seemed to forget in the Post Attitude Era.  You can afford to have less stipulation matches in a single title feud if you have more stipulation matches across the board.

Fans now are bored with most of the stipulation matches that come up, just because lets face it, with exception to the Taker-Edge matches and the HBK-Jericho Ladder Match.

Name a stipulation match lately that has been above average? The simple way to do this wouldn't be to just add more stipulation matches to a particular title feud, like say the WWE Championship.  But have more stipulation matches across the border. 

What happened to Tables matches?  I mean c'mon, just cause the Dudleys aren't in the WWE anymore doesn't mean Tables matches can't exist.

What happened to tag team stipulation matches?  If stipulation matches  weren't just  major title feuds and at every fourth or fifth PPV, then maybe the overall viewer attendance would be much higher.

Lets face it, stipulation matches get viewers.

4. Give Edge an actual finisher besides the Spear...and c'mon, make it convincing.

Hands down, a Spear is a complimentary move, not a finisher.  Maybe if Khali didn't move like a tree than a Spear from someone his size would be convincing as a finishing move.  But a light heavyweight selling a low-end football tackle on weightlifters and bodybuilders as a convincing "finishing move"? 


A finisher is meant to be something that puts the feather in the cap, and ends the match.  Edge often has to sell multiple Spears in a match to make it convincing enough to pin an opponent. 

Give him a Spear as a signature move, but give him a new Finisher, something convincing enough to compliment the good work he does outside the ring.  Edge is easily one of the best performers in the WWE, give him something convincing to complete the package.

5. Keep CM Punk in the midcard level for awhile, he's not ready to be a main eventer yet.

C'mon, seriously?  I know that CM Punk has a lot of Internet fans, and  so does Cena.  Cena might have a modified Pimp Drop for a finisher, and sure Eddie Guerrero used a version of the STF as a finisher before Cena was even involved with the WWE,  but at least he modified it. 

Sure he has a Fame Asser off the top ropes as a move.  But at least Cena has ovesets of his own.  I almost want someone to provide me with a move that CM Punk uses that he DIDN'T steal from Kenta. 

Diving Cross Body, Step-up Enziguri-into-bulldog, Anaconda Vice, GTS, all of which are signatures and finishers used by CM Punk, all of which are stolen from Kenta.  Even the ring apparel is stolen from Kenta. 

Now, I know I've harped on this before, but if there's anything I hate most it's someone getting fame off of someone else's success.

But as far as performance, he's just not ready.  I can't believe that someone like Punk can hold a major title before Hardy did.

Not just one, but two if you count the ECW title.  How is it supposed to be believable that someone like Punk can contend with Batista, Cena, Orton, even someone the size of JBL. 

Punk needs to use his popularity to do what Hardy did on Raw for years.  Build up some credibility to the mid-card division. 

 Right now the WWE across the board is lacking a midcard division. If punk has the popularity, why not use it to make Raw as a whole better instead of boasting such a plentiful World Heavyweight division?


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