Guard Duo Will Lead Western Oregon to the 2011-12 GNAC Playoffs

Jason HarrelContributor IIIDecember 3, 2011

Even though Western Oregon may not be a D1 school, they still work together and play like one.
Even though Western Oregon may not be a D1 school, they still work together and play like one.Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

In Monmouth, OR there is a small school just north of Corvallis and is often overlooked when you think of college sports. However, this year is a bit different in terms of why the Division II Western Oregon Wolves could make a stand. Could it be the new head coach in town? Or could it be the senior guard duo that is going to break records? 

The 2011-12 season is well underway and the guard duo of Wheadon and Long are working together to reach new highs for their careers at Western Oregon and they will both reach the 1,000-point mark. As of now, Wheadon has 103 points and Long has 88.

This year is just as ordinary as most years, but the Wolves now have something in their midst that will help them succeed: a new head coach. Brady Bergeson comes to WOU after several stints at the assistant coach position. His recent endeavor was at Sacramento State. Bergeson brings in a lot of experience and demands dedication and determination from his players.

As these pieces click together, they will also be helped out by new recruits that have joined the team. Usually it takes a bit for transfers and freshman to get their feet beneath them. However, these new recruits are pushing skepticism to the side and letting their game do the talking.

Right now James Gehring is using both his strength and height to throw people out of his way. He recently scored a career-high 17 points en route to helping his team to a Capital City Classic trophy, an award that WOU defended after winning it in 2010. Currently Gehring leads the team with 88 rebounds and has 44 points.

As the team continues to make their way through the early stages of the season and the Great Northwest Athletic Conference, they will continue to make people turn heads and find out what's going on in the tiny town of Monmouth. Big things are happening and it's something that hasn't happened in quite a while.