Jim Boeheim Apology Video: Watch Syracuse Coach's Emotional Press Conference

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2011

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is a legend, but his handling of child sex allegations against his long-time former assistant Bernie Fine are deplorable.

When the allegations first surfaced, Boeheim was quick to shoot down the idea of his friend doing these horrible things to children, and denounced the accuser for making up the fabricated stories.

It wasn’t too long after that more accusers stepped forward and a very unflattering image started to present itself. That’s when Syracuse fired Fine.

Left standing there with egg on his face, was Boeheim. That’s where this apology comes from.

After Syracuse’s 72-68 win over Florida on Friday night, Boeheim went to the press conference with his prepared statement and issued an apology. While many will argue just how genuine that apology was, the only certainty is that Boeheim made a BIG mistake.

This press conference was a classic example of a man trying to backtrack from his words. It would have been easier if the first statement to the public just wasn’t as harsh towards the victims.

By calling out what have now become multiple victims, the Orange coach has drawn the ire of people who defended child abuse victims. Or in other words, everyone.

While Boeheim can say that he isn’t Joe Paterno, the similarities between the two are very close.

Pleading ignorance didn’t work for Paterno and it will not work for Boeheim.

As hard as it is for Syracuse to think about firing head coach Jim Boeheim, it won’t be nearly as hard as firing a man of Paterno’s stature in Penn State.

Syracuse University needs to clean house and fire Boeheim.


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