The Biggest Pukers in Sports

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The Biggest Pukers in Sports

puke (v.)—1600, probably of imitative origin (cf. Ger. spucken "to spit," L. spuere); first recorded in the "Seven Ages of Man" speech in Shakespeare's As You Like It.

In competitive sports, athletes take their bodies to unnatural levels of stress and exertion. At times, they take savage hits.

And sometimes, well, the previous night's salmon mousse just may not agree with them on game day. So the body revolts.

The act has many names: puke, vomit, barf, ralph, disgorge, hurl, ruminate, spew, blow chunks, blow foam, purge, retch, upchuck, yuke, earl, un-eat, clean house, decorate pavement, plant beets.

When it strikes, some men cower, cover up, hold it in. They see it as an act of weakness, of shame. A loss of self-control.

These men are wrong—while puking may be unpleasant, it is noble. It is a war cry, a battle song, a barbaric yawp.

Click on, friend—if you can handle it—and witness the mightiest pukers in sportsdom. 

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