The Kids of MMA and Kids Martial Arts: Good for the Kids and the Future of MMA

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The Kids of MMA and Kids Martial Arts: Good for the Kids and the Future of MMA

Kids martial arts has gotten pretty popular in the past few years with the rise of the UFC and mixed martial arts gyms popping up all over the place.  More and more schools are taking the time to teach the younger generations in hope of developing the sport and producing future champions.

However, kids martial arts still has to face some of the same issues it has in the past.  There are some who feel that children participating in martial arts or MMA will make them bullies, when in reality that is not true. 

Kids who train in MMA, BJJ, wrestling, Muay Thai or any other martial art are taught discipline, dedication, hard work, respect and how to help others around them. 

Just like adults, they have a strong desire to win both in the cage or on the mat and are not out there just to beat up their opponent.  They understand that they are participating in a sport, and just like football, soccer or any other sport, there are rules they must follow.

The young athletes who participate in martial arts don't always have it as easy as the adults do.  They are not getting paid to compete and still have to go to school.  Expenses for tournaments, training, travel and lodging all come out of the parents' pocket, and sometimes that can get financially tough. 

Kids don't have the same opportunities for exposure and sponsors to offset these expenses like the adults do.  There is one organization out there that is dedicated to the youth, and it is called The Kids of MMA.

The Kids of MMA was established to help network the kids, parents, sponsors and gyms through their Facebook page and blog.  They offer all kids under the age of 16 a place to communicate with others and share their accomplishments. 

This organization is extremely unique and very important to the kids who participate in martial arts.  These kids now have opportunities to find sponsors, get exposure and share with their fellow athletes all the hard work that they have put into their training.

There are many kids training in martial arts today, and hopefully every one of them will find their way to The Kids of MMA because this group is helping to develop and promote all of the athletes who are making the future of MMA a bright one. 

The following slides contain some of participants in The Kids of MMA who are dedicating their life to the sport they love.

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