Yankees' Absurd Actions: More Reason to Hate Them

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IDecember 24, 2008

The Yankees are disgraceful spenders. It's as simple as that.

$423 million for three players? That's mind boggling, ridiculous, and irresponsible.

You have to wonder, when Curt Flood started the whole free agency movement in professional sports, did he ever wonder that his actions could lead to this kind of spending?

The Yankees have almost $900 million in player contracts for just five players, if you put Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter into the mix. If that quintet pooled its money together and invested wisely, within a decade the Forbes 400 could have a new entry to the list.

The Yankees are spending so much, America's second Evil Empire—Boston—cannot even compete for players with the Yanks.

This is baseball. Under no circumstances should a baseball player get paid $100 million to play it. It's our national pastime. It's New York City's pastime.

America is in a recession. Jobs across the country are being cut. Companies are getting bailed out left and right.

And in this time, when taxation hits home a little bit harder, the Yankees are asking the city of New York to spend millions of dollars on a new stadium. (The Mets are just as guilty.)

The Bronx Bombers feel as if it's okay to go out and spend $423 million in one offseason on players, but to burden the city with a new stadium—that's unethical to the umpteenth degree.

Next time the contract talks come up, the commissioner should just look to New York for a bailout plan. The Yankees used Kansas City for years as essentially a farm club; they might as well put that practice to use again.

The players and agents are just as bad as the organization. What in God's creation can you do with $180 million that you can't do with $80 million, or even $40 million?

At this point, the players are just pawns who think they can single-handedly put the king in checkmate.

The pre-free agent period Yankee organization was the best. Those years in the late 1960s showed that that fanbase is just like almost every fanbase in America: They don't show up when the team is awful. And in the 1990s, when this team was awful? Attendance followed suit.

At least what the Yankees are doing gives every fanbase in the country more reasons to hate them.

Tampa could pay off its payroll for about 30 years with what the Yankees have invested in its top five paid players. Florida could do the same for probably 60 years and win about 10 World Series in the process.

The Yankees have given the world $423 million more reasons to hate them.