Merry Christmas Baseball Fans, Scott Boras and The Yankees Give You a Present

Nino Colla@TheTribeDailySenior Writer IDecember 24, 2008

How could this possibly be any good for the sport of baseball?


I'm sorry, I don't come from the Jerry Jones School of Thought, that any publicity is good publicity and I'm not about to enroll.

The idea that you can throw a large sum of money at all your problems and expect to fix them is one that doesn't have to be successful for you to decide if it's a good idea or not.

It shouldn't matter because when it comes to the sport of baseball as a whole, it's a completely bad idea.

I know it's a popular thing to do right now, bag on the Yankees for spending the cash and I'm aware that their payroll for next season still isn't near what they spent last season, but it's the principle of the thing.

To go out in one singular offseason and sign three of the top free agents, two being the top hitter and pitcher on the market, it’s just beyond arrogant.

Signing CC Sabathia was typical Yankee spending.

Going out and then signing AJ Burnett was more of an, "Okay, they are serious about fixing pitching, but it's a little silly now."

Giving Mark Teixeira a blank check was beyond ridiculous.

Look, it's perfectly fair given the rules, but it stinks out loud for the other 29 teams in the sport. Not so much about five of them, but what kind of message are you sending to possible owners interested in buying a team?

Unless you own the Yankees, you can forget about competing each year.

Does anyone honestly believe Tampa Bay will make a return to the postseason this year? You might, but everyone and their mom has already pronounced the Yankees as the favorite to win the American League East.

Tampa Bay still can only have one shot. It will only be a few years before Scott Kazmir is a free agent and he goes elsewhere. Small market teams can build a team up all the want and you can point to a team like Minnesota who constantly competes despite operating on a lower budget.

But how many championships have the Minnesota Twins won this decade?

Just as many as New York, none.

All the teams that have won the World Series as of late are ones that get hot at the right time. Sometimes they are the best team, sometimes they aren't. But that isn't the point; you just need to get to the playoffs.

This is how the Yankees are getting to the playoffs, by spending money.

Does anyone feel sorry for the Washington Nationals?

Did anyone ever believe that there was a slight chance he would sign with a team like the Nationals, even if they offered him more than a team like the Yankees?

Hell, I'm not sure I'd sign with the Nationals before I'd sign with the Yankees.

That tells you what kind of chance a team like the Nationals have to sign a big money free agent, not that they should. But what does it tell you about the sport of baseball when the first and second choice for a free agent is the New York Yankees and the New York Yankees?

That brings me to the ultimate grinch of this holiday season, Scott Boras.

Boras is probably the second most popular person and or organization to bag on in the sport of baseball. So I can be viewed as taking on the two most easiest targets.

Now look, I'm a fan of baseball and I don't like to see it changed much.

But enough is enough, something has to give here. We cannot continue down this road. I've never been much of a salary cap/salary basement type of a guy, it has gotten too out of control, and in both ways might I add, for that to happen.

Scott Boras needs to be contained before he completely ruins the sport we all love.

The teams won't do it, because he has too many clients. We can't hope for a Rafael Furcal situation for all the teams, because that type of stuff just doesn't happen.

He's a unstoppable force that can do whatever he wants, he controls the market.

You may sit back and look at the situation as it stands now and see Manny Ramirez sitting out there with just one team interested and figure, "Hey, he's got to be a Dodger and his price will likely go down, not up."

Not if Scott Boras has anything to stay about that and if you think I'm just saying things just to say it, we are talking about the man that got the Yankees to swoop in when he needed them the most.

Just when you think the Dodgers are going to get Ramirez in a steal of a deal, someone is going to come out of nowhere to drive up the price, if not sign him. Why? Because Boras wields power and maniacal mind games that gets his clients paid.

The Washington Nationals have absolutely nil chance at signing Manny Ramirez, but that won't stop Scott Boras from using them as a tool to get Ramirez paid.

I love the sport of baseball, but the Yankees signing players with the gaudy price tags are making fans lose interest, not gain it. It may draw in regular Joe-Yankee fan and get him all giddy.

But is it any wonder that the Tampa Bay Rays have a hard time filling their stadium?

It's hard to have interest or faith when your division rivals can spend more money on the left side of their infield than you can on your entire team.

It's a rotten present from Boras and the Yankees to everyone who loves the sport. It's slowly getting more and more ridiculous and sooner or later, it's going to drive away more people away than it brings in.

It will crush the spirit of many fan bases, who don't even have hope in their own franchise, but now can't hope for baseball to come to their aid.

Look at a team like the Pirates, who have set up a culture of losing and have completely lost the faith of most of their fan base. Now they can't even get out of that culture because while the Yankees are off signing Mark Teixeira, the Pirates' biggest splash is Ramon Vazquez.

Do we want parity in the MLB like we do in the NFL?

Why not? It seems to grab the attention of many people that follow the NFL. The fact that a team like the Miami Dolphins can go from worst in the NFL to playoff contenders gives all fans hope.

I know, the game isn't about hope or easing the pains that fans have. We get joy out of talking about the anguish of Cubs fans, what could be better than that?

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing the Yankees fail after spending so much money, it just goes to show you that you can't buy titles and I don't immediately put them as my favorite to win their division, let alone the World Series.

There has to be a point in time though that you have to step back and say, "Enough is enough."

But, no that's okay, let's let the Yankees continue to dominate baseball's second season. That's quite alright if you want to kill the sport you and I love by driving interest away.

Merry Christmas baseball fans! I'd wish you a happy New Year, but Royals fans are tired of hearing about the new year, nothing ever changes.


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