Aaron Rodgers: Listen to Packers' QB Poke Fun at Kyle Vanden Bosch's Crazy Ways

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Aaron Rodgers harped on Kyle Vanden Bosch for being crazy in a hilarious edition of his weekly radio show.

It's no secret that Vanden Bosch is a complete nut job. His red contacts, bald head and haunting demeanor make it clear that he enjoys being a guy who appears to be out of his mind.

Rodgers isn't affected by it, though. The Packers QB has earned the right to make fun of whoever he wants, on and off the field. He keeps it real and doesn't need colored contacts to make his opponents lose sleep.

We've heard Vanden Bosch speak off the field, but Rodgers' imitation of his psychotic voice on the field is downright hilarious.

Vanden Bosch is a great talent and many players turn into different people on the field, but this insight makes the crazy-guy persona Vanden Bosch has created seem almost silly.

Rodgers is a lock for league MVP and happens to have a first-hand look at Vanden Bosch twice a year. He's a subject-matter expert on Vanden Bosch's screwy ways and the reenactment of the dirty hit Vanden Bosch unleashed is hysterical.

Even funnier is Rodgers' imitation of Vanden Bosch blaming Ndamukong Suh for being offsides on a play in which he was flagged for the penalty.

Why would it be relevant as to who was offsides? It's a penalty either way.

Rodgers' portrayal of Vanden Bosch's ridiculous antics will undoubtedly anger Vanden Bosch. The two teams meet in Week 17, but given that it's at Lambeau, it's hard to see an influx of rage do anything to keep the Lions from suffering through another beatdown at the hands of the best team in the NFL.

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