NBA Waiver Wire: Week 9

Dan BentonCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008

The NBA is heading to their showcase games of the year; no, not the All-Star Game, but the traditional Christmas Day games.  As we all roll there with them, the NBA picture (as well as the Fantasy Picture) just seems to resolve itself more and more with each passing day. 

Believe it or not; since this is the doldrums of the NBA Fantasy season, there are STILL a lot of quality free agents available on the Waiver Wire at virtually every position that can help your fantasy team.  So let's take a look at them; in your Pre-Christmas Edition of the Waiver Wire.

Point Guard

Luke Ridnour - PG - Milwaukee Bucks - Ridnour, who made a few appearances on the Waiver Wire last year; has finally returned to save YOUR Fantasy team.  Well, ok, not save, but help. 

The former Seattle Supersonic managed to bail before the move to Oklahoma City (a brilliant move in retrospect), and is now the starting point guard on a young and talented Bucks team. 

He got off to a relatively slow start, but over the last month he's really pushed his game back to acceptable levels.  He's still a tad light in the assists category for my liking, but overall, he's a quality player that will fill any fantasy roster. 

Here's what Ridnour has done over the last month: 10.2 pts, 2.9 reb, 4.9 asst, 1.8 turn, 1.5 stl, and is shooting 45.5% FG and 88.9% FT.  That's a pretty nice stat line to have coming off your bench.  He's owned in 30% of fantasy leagues, so get him while you still can.

Shooting Guard

Eric Gordon - SG - Los Angeles Clippers - This rookie from Indiana has surprised me.  He was a disappointing player overall at Indiana, in my opinion.  By that, I mean to say that he SHOULD have been much, much better than he actually was. 

Still, the hype was enough to get him drafted seventh overall by the Clippers; and at the time it looked like one of those "Same Old Clippers" draft picks (Michael Olowakandi, anyone?).

However, since the selfless Ricky Davis has gone down with injury, Gordon is averaging more than 26 minutes a game, moving into the rotation.  And over the last month or so, he's actually flashed some of that potential that so many saw from him in college; so much so that I think right now he's able to help your fantasy team.

Ricky Davis won't be back until mid-January, so if you need help now, Gordon might be your guy.  Here's what Gordon did over the last month: 13.0 pts, 3.0 reb, 2.2 asst, 1.8 turn, 1.3 stl, 46.5% FG and 77.1% FT, and he's making 1.6 3-pt/game.  He's owned in 32% of fantasy leagues.