Chicago Bulls: A Dream Scenario of Transactions

Jonathan PowellContributor IIIDecember 2, 2011

Chicago Bulls: A Dream Scenario of Transactions

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    Behind the possible landing spots for Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, the potential roster moves of the Chicago Bulls is a highly-debated topic as the negotiation period of the NBA gets underway.

    With the Bulls being so close to a return to glory last season, one would think that it would be easy to get the piece that they were missing last season, but it's harder than it looks.

    Here's a small road map on the moves the Bulls can make to end up face to face with the coveted Larry O'Brien trophy once again.

    (Keep in mind that these are merely the speculations of a mad man.)

Use the Amnesty Clause on Luol Deng

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    Luol is a fan favorite, so this move might not appeal to a lot of fans, but it is necessary to build "my" dream roster this offseason.  It's business, nothing personal.

    Deng is due to make $11,345,000 this season.  Clearing up some of that money to get below the cap would broaden the Bulls' options with who they could sign.

    Luol would be sure to find a home in a hurry.  Teams like the Clippers, Nets and Nuggets have the roster needs to show proper interest to the former Duke Blue Devil.

Sign Caron Butler

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    According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Caron Butler really wants to play alongside reigning MVP Derrick Rose and compete for a title in Chicago. 

    After waiving Luol Deng, the Bulls would have a definite need for a starting small forward.  Caron plays good defense, and he's a slightly better and more consistent scorer than Deng. 

    Butler would be a good fit.  He could also provide leadership, seeing that he was a part of the Dallas Mavericks' title run last season, though, he was on the bench for most of it due to injury.  Nonetheless, he was a witness to what it takes to get there and could provide some valuable insight.

Trade Carlos Boozer to Atlanta

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    Boozer left a lot to be desired after his disappearance in the playoffs last season, which left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of Bulls fans.

    It's better not to start the season with questions of "can he perform when it counts?"  Let's do both Boozer and Bulls fans a favor and ship him off.

    High-flying defensive maestro Josh Smith is disgruntled in Atlanta, so a swap with the Hawks could be possible.  Josh Smith would thrive in the Bulls' system.

    For salary purposes, the Bulls could package Carlos Boozer's $14.4 million with Ronnie Brewer's $4.79 million in exchange for Josh Smith's $11.7 million and Marvin Williams' $7.26 million. 

    Marvin Williams hasn't developed as fast as the Hawks have hoped, and the Bulls could use a third option at power forward since Kurt Thomas is a free agent.  Also, with Jamal Crawford testing the free-agent market, the Hawks probably wouldn't mind adding a backup two-guard like Ronnie Brewer.  A trade match made in heaven.

Sign Nick Young

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    This move hinges on the Washington Wizards' desire to match any offer made to the young shooting guard.

    The Bulls have already reached out to Nick Young and his agent, and according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Young would love the opportunity to play for Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau and round out his defensive game.

    Nick Young's 17 points per game would be a welcome addition to the Bull's starting lineup, and this move would allow current starting shooting guard Keith Bogans to be better utilized as a defensive spark off the bench.


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    This speculative scenario would not only make the Bulls faster and stronger, but it would make them younger.  Chicago would instantly become a young team with a high ceiling for success to last over the next decade.

    A starting lineup of Derrick Rose, Nick Young, Caron Butler, Josh Smith and Joakim Noah would provide matchup nightmares for almost every team in the league. It may seem farfetched, but hey, it's just a thought.