Wrestlemania 28: The 2 Matches That Make the Most Sense for CM Punk

Cody SlovenskyContributor IIDecember 2, 2011

For many years, fans have known about the true potential of CM Punk by seeing him work on the independent circuit. DUring his first few years in WWE, he was moved to the top, but was never officially able to release his true potential, and on June 27, 2011 CM Punk was officially allowed to be who he truly is. 

Since that moment, every week on Raw, every fan is ready to see which epic moment he will cause for the show. Punk has always put on wonderful matches and great promos, but now he is truly the best. 

It is way too soon to classify Punk in the same category with legends like The Rock, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, Hogan, Sting, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc. That being said, at the rate he is going he has the true potential to be the greatest of all time, but ultimately the WWE decides his fate. 

It is officially December, and we are right at four months away from Wrestlemania 28. The Main Event will be the most "Electrifying" match in recent memory, based on star power, but if the WWE plays its cards right, CM Punk not only can, but he will steal the show. 

There are legitimately two men that can put on not only a great show, but possibly one of the greatest matches in the history of Wrestlemania. 

The ultimate fantasy for fans would be a showdown between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin. That match would be amazing for Wrestlemania 28, since Cena and The Rock will be facing off, there is a reason that would be special. 

CM Punk and John Cena are the Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock of the new Era. Many have questioned and argued that comparison, but ultimately who their characters are of this generation are the closest to what you can get in comparison to Stone Cold and The Rock. 

CM Punk and Stone Cold would not only put on a great match, but the storyline leading up to the event would be probably the best in the last five years. Stone Cold says he has one match left in him and Punk is who he wants, so why not make it happen at Wrestlemania 28. 

So, the match that makes the most sense, that is if you want to see CM Punk put on a show would be if he faced Daniel Bryan. Both are independent scene legends, and both are two of the best performers in the industry today. 

Bryan will be cashing in his Money in the Bank brief case at Wrestlemania, so as long as CM Punk is the Champion heading into the event, then this match has the best chance of taking place. 

Bryan is the ultimate package, but his only flaw is his mic work, but it is always improving. This match would keep fans on there feet and would be talked about for years to come. 

So, while a CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin showdown is only a fantasy, luckily it is a fantasy that still has a solid chance of happening one day. It is safe to say that at the rate things are going we may see a Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, FL.