Mason Ryan: WWE Must Face It, He Is No Dave Batista and He Doesn't Have to Be!

Tony Dolemite@tonydolemiteCorrespondent IIIDecember 1, 2011

Up until recently, I never had the opportunity to watch Mason Ryan in action. I had heard things about this young athlete and the comparisons to former WWE Superstar Batista because of the close similarities in looks. However, after watching his performance at Survivor Series, I‘ll say this much; Mason Ryan is no Batista. Not even close. So, enough with the comparisons.

Ryan didn't do anything to distinguish himself as a major player in my mind. Typically, he used a lot of power moves, which was expected, but nothing that made me think of Batista. Yes, he looked great as far as that goes, I can’t argue that point. When you’re as chiseled as he is, you figure that you can’t go wrong. Bottom line was, he was out of his league!

Unfortunately, I just saw another young performer given the opportunity of a life time, burdened with high expectations simply because of a resemblance to a former star. This is nothing new. Many performers have been touted as the second coming of a former star, only to come up short and fail miserably. No one should have to carry that burden, especially at such an early stage in their career. Ryan is no exception.

If Mason Ryan is expected to be the next big thing, then the WWE should do the right thing; invest time and effort into making him the star of tomorrow. If he isn’t ready for the big time, then allow him to develop so that he can be. That’s exactly what they did with Batista, who by the way, was no Brock Lesnar either. He didn't need to be. The WWE patiently waited until the time was right to unleash the Animal. In return, they ended up with a great talent on their hands whose legacy is forever etched in stone.

Looking like Batista alone isn’t enough to justify a push. Ryan's got to show more if he wants it bad enough. Nothing should be handed to him. I would do everything I could to put distance between the two of them. Give Ryan a different look and give him time; make him work. Have a veteran take him under their wing the way Triple H and Ric Flair did for Batista. Don’t rush him because there is a dearth of talent and you’re desperate. There are other stars on the roster that could use a good push in the meantime.

If Ryan’s future really does matter to them, and he is considered to be a hot prospect, the WWE will heed my advice. It may make a huge difference in the long run. You have a potential superstar on your hands. Don't do him a disservice by having him live in another star's shadow or else he will never shine as bright.