Bobby Valentine: Sox Players Delusional to Be Upset with the Hire

William PenfieldCorrespondent IIDecember 1, 2011

ATLANTA - JUNE 4:  Manager Bobby Valentine #2 of the New York Mets gives a thumbs up during the game against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia on June 4, 2002.  Rainout.(Photo By Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After Bobby Valentine was hired by the Boston Red Sox to be their next manager, it didn't take long for reports to get out that some players were not on board with the signing. 

My first thought when I read this was, "are you (bleeping) kidding me?"

Who do these guys think they are?

It is no secret that Valentine is a no nonsense type of manager, the exact opposite of former manager Terry Francona, and will change the culture in the Red Sox clubhouse.

If these guys wanted a laid back clubhouse they shouldn't have chased Francona out of of town with their behavior and performance this past season.

After he was let go, Francona revealed that he felt he had lost the clubhouse that had been so loyal to him in the past and there was nothing he could do about the reported drinking in the clubhouse because the players just didn't listen to him. 

Had the players kept their focus throughout September and won two more games, they would have made the playoffs and still have their pinata, Francona. 

It is clear that a change needed to be made since Francona seemed to be unable to discipline these guys after being soft for so many years.

There is no doubt in my mind that the players who are reportedly upset with the Valentine signing are the same ones who took advantage of Francona's leniency this past season. If nothing else, it proves that these guys are overpaid, immature divas who need a reality check.

Valentine was hired to do just that, give these guys a reality check and change the culture in the clubhouse.