Blown Out Of Proportion: Steelers' Loss Over-Dramatized

Charlie Cox@@charles_a_coxCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2008

After turning off the television on a depressing Sunday afternoon due to a Pittsburgh Steeler loss, I went on with my day, never expecting the whole NFL community to react to the game the way it has.

The Tennessee Titans were the underdog of the game, despite having a better record and playing at home in Nashville.

The Steelers owned the hype and were set to, in the NFL's minds, own homefield advantage in January.

Monday and Tuesday, Sportscenter has been littered with replays and discussions that I painstakingly watch about the game and how the Steelers are suddenly not playoff worthy and will be another one and done.

From what I saw Sunday has been completely blown out of proportion and nearly defined the Steelers' season, as portrayed on ESPN.

The game was a clash of the two best teams in the NFL. One had to win, one had to lose.

It came down to who would play the better game.

I saw the Steelers as a deflated team that could only hang in through the first half. The defense played stellar, but they only have so much energy. The defense has bailed the team out so many times in the past few weeks, but when Ben turns the ball over five times and the defense is on the field for over two thirds of the game, they will get tired and fatigued.

The game came down to who controlled the line of scrimmage, which was easily depicted by the lack of offensive line by the Steelers giving up four sacks that led to four forced fumbles.

Tennessee's offensive line, on the other hand, who has only given up eight sacks on the season, played a phenomenal game against the best defense and sack tandem in the NFL, relinquishing only one sack to James Harrison, a Defensive MVP finalist.

The Steelers were unable to establish the run, which in part is due to the fact that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was calling for Willie Parker to constantly run up the middle into a wall of defenders, and persistently calling for draw plays when they were constantly going for negative yardage.

The point being is the two teams played a football game. The Titans played better, and got the win. I do not believe that this game defined the Steelers and how they play, or else they wouldn't be at 11-4 right now.

Remember, the Steelers have the hardest schedule in the NFL, and have played a very physical month.

They had an off game and will regain focus Sunday by finishing the regular season at home against the struggling Cleveland Browns who, as Stan Savran says, "Have thrown it in," and get ready for January.

When the Steelers and Titans meet again in a few weeks, there is no doubt in my mind that the outcome of the game will be a lot different.